Korn Likker Update

Korn Likker returned to Vandy in follow up to the “scraping” procedure that was to remove the cancer in his esophagus (this is called Adenocarcinoma). They informed him that it has, in fact, spread to lower layers of tissue, but has not spread to any other organs or areas in his body. He was told that without a removal/resection (Esophagectomy), he has Zero chance to live very long. With the surgery, he has a 90% chance. This surgery is very intense. It requires a section of his esophagus to be removed, then the stomach pulled up and reattached. He could be in the hospital for up to two weeks or so. This is very dangerous, in that secondary infections, bleeding, etc can easily take hold.

His doctor told him (when he first found out about it via a 50 year routine screening by an Upper GI, or endoscope) that the reason he got this was because his insurance company stopped payment on his GERD meds, resulting in Barrett’s Esophagus, so he was forced to stop taking it. Apparently this is common and causes me to question the usage of such meds when they can cause such a horrible situation. His doctor also has told him several times that he needs to sue that insurance company (of course,  I wholeheartedly agree).

This is a good person and I am amazed every time I speak with him because he still carries his awesome good humor and outlook.

I ask any of you that believe to pray. Others, please just utter a good wish for his quick recuperation and healing.

I thank you and he thanks you.

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4 thoughts on “Korn Likker Update

  1. I want to take this time to thank everyone for their prayers and concerns. I am overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of love that people has shown me in this time of trial. The doctors expect me to make a complete recover but they also expect me to have a mountain to climb and a very long extended recover. However; like I always say “Ain’t no step fer ah stepper”. Cancer has picked on a fighter this time and with GOD’s help and my friends support, I’ll whup tha tar out of it! I would like to add a couple more things: “GO HAVE THE ROUTINE TESTS….NOW!”. If I hadn’t had the test, I wouldn’t have known that I had this type of cancer until it was too late. Once again, Thanks y’all for all the prayers and help. Since the diagnosis, I have come to realize that we are not promised tomorrow. If there are people you love and care about…tell them. Do not wait one minute. I will close by saying…”Bulahman, you are one of the best friends I have ever had…and I love you man…. (Now that don’t mean we are gonna be swappin’ spit in a shower or nothin’. I just wanted to make sure you knew that)…lol


  2. Update! Hoss I am doing real good. I am getting stronger everyday now. I got my little garden put out. Been going fishing the last few mornings. This morning was the first morning the wind wasn’t blowing 90 mile an hour. I caught a few on topwater baits! How are ya’ll? Holler when you get a chance….


    • Hey Man!

      I thought about you yesterday. I threatened to go camping/fishing at Bruton’s this week, if the weather seems ok (way too windy every time I think about it). Maybe you could come down and us do some bait casting. I keep saying I want to drive out and see ya’ll, but there is always something. I finished planting all my gardens, so maybe nows the time for a day or two break.

      I’ll check the weather and plan something for this week.


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