Data Scrubbed On Yesterday’s SE USA Quake

Did you feel the earth move under your feet yesterday afternoon? I didn’t, but then again, I was crapping myself in a job interview (yes, a JOB interview).

I was catching up on my news this morning and saw the following video produced by dutchsinse. He explains that earthquakes were felt all over the southeast USA (in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, but mainly in North and South Carolina and the heaviest in Florida).


Reports of a censored earthquake came to me today — from a few different viewers who saw the USGS knock a Virginia / West Virginia earthquake off the map.

With a little sleuth work , and some LUCK that the other feed wasn’t yet censored — I was able to track down the approximate epicenter of this quake based upon the helicorder signatures at each ANSS backbone station.

Heaviest shaking occurred in Florida, South/North Carolina!

Here is the link to use.. pull the charts before THEY TOO are gone for good !


So, why in the world would the USGS scrub the data? What are they hiding? Can it be just a coincidence that the information from ALL of those sites were lost by accident (they are autonomous)?

It was just a couple of days ago that the New Madrid fault took a pretty heavy quake and if you watch this video, you can see that the NMSZ (New Madrid seismic zone) seems to be active:


Don’t be scared. Be prepared. Always best to have your plans ready JUST IN CASE.

Full website post here with the official USGS statistics and all the links you will need to monitor this disturbing sign of movement along the NMSZ (new madrid seismic zone).…

Food, water, appropriate clothing, communications, self defense, and transportation. These are the basic things you need to have ready in case of ANY disaster.


Now, suddenly, the data is being scrubbed from the stations.

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15 thoughts on “Data Scrubbed On Yesterday’s SE USA Quake

  1. Well that is interesting. I do remember seeing that there was a 4.0 at the new madrid. Southern point of illinios . I didnt fee anything here , though acording to Dutch it was slight here(and I was working and wouldnt feel it).

    From how it looked, Florida had the biggest. Now why would this info be gone? I been listening to MSM and have heard anything yet. Now the people of these states will be talking….that cant be stopped or erased. Over the next few days we should start seeing the reports…..though it will be deluted.


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    • I would say that we need to totally eliminate the grossly overbloated middle-man known as health insurance companies who do nothing but add cost, seek ways to deny coverage and will drop a covered person whenever it makes profit. This means that the USA should implement Single Payer, Medicaid For All.

      If we are going to “scalpel” cut our way out, then let us FIX the damn thing the right way.


    • Florida appears to have been hit harder than NC (I assume Florida was the epicenter), so I’m not sure if they are scrubbing it due to NC legislation. Besides, other fracking related quakes have not had the data scrubbed.


        • Yes, fracking is everywhere, but how does the NC legislation cause the entire USGS feed to be scrubbed (and why)? You may be on to something, but I am not totally convinced (yet).



          • Well I was going from the assumption that probably every state that presently has fracking as illegal probably has pending legislation, but admittedly I haven’t checked to see yet either. If it can be shown that fracking in seismically active regions is a particular danger there is some chance of blocking its legalization, undoubtedly billions of dollars are at stake.
            But I can think of at least 2 alternatives: the quake was the result of illegal fracking which they want to cover up, or it was the result of some weapons test.
            Because I simply cannot think of any reason to cover up a few small earthquakes unless there was reason to think people would believe them man-made.


            • I think there is a remote possibility that something major in an Earth change might be happening. If you look at the recent huge uptick in quakes all over the Earth (especially the “Ring of Fire”), especially along the N American Creton plate (huge ones off Portland, Alaska, etc), you might consider something along those lines. As for man-made, I am still not convinced of that either (but admit that it is a remote possibility and plenty of people think HAARP can do such).

              Case in point:

              I dunno, but you are probably closer than I am. Maybe we’ll see in March. Supposedly every 188 – 189 days a major quake has been happening. March 19 or 20 is the next one.


  3. BTW: the JOB interview was one the best that I ever participated in. I was given an aptitude test that included reading a tape measure. Somehow, the person giving it to me had a wrong answer and I pointed it out. The previous person did, as well, but when she “corrected” him, he capitulated and agreed. I stuck to my guns. She brought in an engineer who confirmed my stance. This went a long way with the next two bosses who interviewed me. 2.5 hours in interviews, so maybe something will come of this. Wish me luck… thanks.


  4. Good luck my friend. It’s time you received a break, way past time.

    BTW negitive on any shaking up my way. At least none i detected.


  5. So any news on MSM on these quakes. Shouldnt the people in these areas be talking? The ring of fire is alway active from what I can see.


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