Len Richmond’s Film “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer”

I have referenced this film several times here, but have not offered the entire thing for your viewing pleasure and education. Altho I have not been given permission from Len to add it to my Youtube Channel, he did suggest that I link to a version with Serbian subtitles (just disregard them and watch the movie). I have shared it with several people, including my new friend Eamon, who has recently posted Rick Simpson’s video (Run From The Cure), investigating whether or not Cannabis can cure cancer, at his blog “The Great Purification” (please visit and check him out).

The following is one of the most important films on this subject that you can ever see and share. Len is a warm and caring person who was affected in his personal life by cancer and it set him on a course of discovery that culminated in this work.

This Is A Must Watch!


What if Cannabis Cured Cancer

I follow Len’s work because I trust what he is doing and believe that what he has produced is one of the most important avenues towards educating and curing ourselves of that menacing disease. He can be seen in this following video in a Q&A setting that is informative, as well:

After the screening of his documentary, “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer”, director Len Richmond discusses marijuana and cancer with the audience. Photographed by Steve DeVol.

And its not just from the medical side, altho that is my main purpose. For even that maniac, Pat Robertson has come out to say,

“I just believe that criminalizing marijuana, criminalizing possession of a few ounces of pot, and that kind of thing — it’s costing us a fortune, and it’s ruining young people.”

As Kenny pointed out, there must be some other agenda (or maybe he is finally completely losing his mind and saying what is obviously true). I dunno what his motive is, but I agree that it should be made legal again.

Of course, you could always simply do what many Doctors themselves won’t do, and that is use their own recommended cancer treatments. You see, many are saying that Unnecessary Cancer Treatments Are Accelerating Death (as found at Activist Post).

Many doctors themselves state that they would not receive conventional cancer treatment if they had cancer. Their decision to refuse mainstream cancer treatments likely has to do with cancer drugs being found to have been found to actually make cancer worse and kill patients more quickly. And yet when individuals first hear that they have cancer, they hastily accept the treatment assuming that it is the only hope for survival.

Short of surgery that removes the growth (generally only successful if done very early, as my friend Korn Likker recently went thru, and is now recovering, is finding out first hand), most of those treatments are what actually kill the person, before cancer can get them. And this doesn’t address the concern that the quality of life before it gets them is greatly diminished. Some suggest that 75% of Physicians Refuse Chemotherapy Themselves.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes for my buddy Korn Likker. He is in intense pain, but the doctor said the surgery was a total success (he got all of the cancer). If this country (or even starting with this state) had any compassion, they would immediately re-legalize cannabis, or at the very least, allow medical marijuana treatments. But they don’t really care, do they?

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7 thoughts on “Len Richmond’s Film “What If Cannabis Cured Cancer”

  1. No, they don’t care except for keeping big pharma intact and in charge.

    The only thing I can think of about Robertson is that the elitists are testing the waters. They may envision that legalization will keep a great number of folks stoned, subdued and comfortable in their slavery. That may work with some but overall?

    Legalization must include open unlimited growing for everyone so inclined and not a centralized taxing scam that ultimately will become corrupt.


    • Keep people stoned and comfortable? Hardly. My first time being “stoned” opened up a whole new world of thought. You question everything including the existance of god. I feel that is why those in power don’t want people to use cannabis(aside from its possibilites as medicine). They can’t have the sheep waking up and questionling their “authority” over your life.

      What would life be like if cannabis was legal and government was forced to function in a truthful common sense manner….well it would be a time much better than the one we have now.


  2. What did my father die of? He had cancer but died of a massive heart attack due to starvation brought on by chemo. Chemo attack all cells in your body , drive down your immune system making it it impossible for you body to fight disease. Why else would they give you a shot costing thousands of dollars to boost your immune system .Yes one shot costs that much. What a scam. They only give you so much of these” boosters” if your on medicare,, at least thats how it worked out for him.

    So , how does one fight a disease when your immune system is shot and you can’t eat to keep your body strong? You dont….you die.

    Oh ya, I can hear it already. There are those that will say”your father could have use pills to help him appetite.” Nice try. That only works if you can swallow them…or keep them down along with the 10 or 20 other drugs they want to force into your stomache…an empty one.

    Why it never occured to me to get him a big fat joint is is beyond me.
    At the very least he would have died a bit more comfortable.

    I would like to thank modern medicne(big pharma) and our government( crooks and theives) for being so compassionate and keeping cannabis illlegal.In doing so, you have set me on a path I would never have gone down other wise.

    I have your lies in my sights and my weapons are pixels and rage….my voice.


  3. Pat Robertson specifically said there are too many non-violent offenders in our jails. That is his open agenda, ie. relieving the prison population of those who are not really criminals. In general, I agree. What is the hidden agenda, though? I’m not sure but any help to legalize pot is a good thing. This country has been on the dark side ever since Jimmy Carter started getting other countries to Paraquat thier marijuana crops. Thanks, Pat!


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