What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You – Will It?

If you still don’t know, you cannot trust a damn thing that your government says or does. Even if they are seeming to do something beneficial, it is generally something they use to their advantage and certainly ends up as no good for us… the ones that pay them. You see, they write stuff that seems to be one thing, but use it in radically different ways. They also use their Ministry of Propaganda to make you believe that they love and care for you, all the while, are watching your every keystroke and are determined to undermine any dissent by insisting they are protecting you from Terrorists (that they arm and make into patsies, since they can’t find any real ones).

This Day – One Day shared another Young Turks video that also coincides with a new End The Lie post where Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall are coming out publicly to address the Patriot Act directly to Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Plain Reading Of The Text”

In the letter that they wrote to Holder and was contributed to the public by Charles Savage of the New York Times, they make it plain that there are secret interpretations of laws made that the general public (and even their colleagues) have no idea what is really meant. To a point that they wrote,

there is now a significant gap between what most Americans think the law allows and what the government secretly claims the law allows.”

The argument is that we can’t let the terrorists know what we do, but after the past decade and continuous lies and purposeful thwarting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, any sane person would have to question their motives. But why is this a problem, the patriotic redneck might ask:

“This is a problem, because it is impossible to have an informed public debate about what the law should say when they public doesn’t know what its government thinks the law says.”

One thing that needs to be understood is that this does not appear to be political R vs D posturing or fighting to sway the public, for both Senators are Democrats addressing and Democratically appointed AG (Holder is Obama’s man). Why would I think that? Because they wrote:

“We would also note that in recent months we have grown increasingly skeptical about the actual value of the ‘intelligence collection operation discussed in the Justice Department’s recent court filing regarding the pending lawsuits. This has come as a surprise to us, as we were initially inclined to take the executive branch’s assertions about the importance of this ‘operation’ at face value.”

Now, I must say that Cenk tells us that the motive is because Obama does things for political motivations. In my estimation, that is partially the reason. I don’t know why Cenk doesn’t go all the way and say the obvious. To me, Obama (or whomever is POTUS at this time of our nation’s history) are intentionally bringing this country down and will implement some sort of global hierarchy in which the Constitution and Bill of Rights are rendered null and void. Hell, this isn’t a stretch to think this, either, if you simply pay attention to the actions that have been taken. As a matter of fact, to simply think this is political posturing or whatever seems the height of ignorance at this point.

I also must say that I do not trust Sen Wyden implicitly, for he has co-sponsored the ‘Sense of the Senate‘ resolution with that Lubavitch Zionist Jew & Israeli dual citizen scumbag war mongering liar, LIEberman, which seems to be calling for all out war against Iran for defying, “its international obligations and engaged in a well-documented pattern of illicit and deceptive activities surrounding its nuclear program“. If Wyden knows something we don’t know about Iran’s nuclear “weapons” then let’s see a letter about that. And speaking of hypocrisy’s finest: let him sponsor (and get his fellow Jew, LIEberman to co-sign) the same type of resolution against Israel, which not only has openly thwarted their, “deceptive activities surrounding its nuclear program“, but also threaten to use them at any and every opportunity they get (while the crickets in the Senate chirp LOUDLY).

You know: the standard Goose and Gander stuff.

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