B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Will This Be My Fellow Redneck Bible-Belters Christmas Celebration Song Next Year?

Jesus Is A Bastard: A Jewish Christmas Song

A Jewish celebration of Christmas. “Jesus is a bastard”,, Jews celebrate the festival of birth. “Jesus is a bastard”

I have had just a few interactions with Jewish people. I never really thought much about their religion, except in my Old Testament studies. It wasn’t until the interactions with them, did I start paying close attention (not so much to their religion, but to their attitude and behavior towards me, a white gentile “Goyim”). I know many Bible-Belters that have visited Israel and support what that “Jewish Nation” (their words, not mine) does. And I just don’t get it.

But it started becoming a bit clearer when I drove my Mother to Birmingham for surgery this week. The discussion turned to the Bible (as it always does with her). She thinks she understands everything about the Bible, yet when I point out a few disturbing Scriptures, she denies them outright and tells me that they aren’t in the book. For you see, I find it impossible to agree that the God of the Torah is the same one that Jesus spoke of. It just doesn’t make sense and that is the problem I have with my Mother “witnessing” to people (it’s the same problem I have with most of Christianity that has embraced that monster).

When I mentioned that the God of the Torah told many people to invade, murder, pillage and RAPE, she didn’t have an argument over the invasions, murders and pillaging, but she had a big problem with the rape. She outright denied that it ever happened and told me I would have to give her some verses to prove it.

To be honest, I ignored the request until she called me the next day to bring it back up, so I listed a few from the first few books of the OT:

Exodus 21:7-11

Numbers 31:7-18

Deuteronomy 20:10-14

Deuteronomy 21:10-14

Deuteronomy 22:23-29

Judges 21:10-24

2 Samuel 12:11-14

Not to belabor the point, but that God made his people invade and murder in many other places and held a very certain bias/preference towards Jews (which is convenient for them). That god, who my mother insists is the same yesterday and today, apparently hated her kind (a gentile), but somehow did change and he loves her today. He apparently called his people (according to the Jews) their “Chosen Ones” and because of that, we need to give them some special attention and disregard their actions (or ignore them).

I tried to explain to her that she was celebrating the “Jew Bible” and that if she simply concentrated on the red letters, she might realize that there is a vast difference between the two personae illustrated. I also explained that the Torah is the “tame bible” when you compare it to their real guidance, the Talmud (which is the most vile piece of literature one could ever read). This set of books is their holiest book and takes precedence over the Torah (and they must laugh at us because most of us will never understand this). Just a few examples of these “scriptures” are enough to convince any self-respecting “Christian” that they are the low-life in the mind of a Jew… only good as slaves and to be taken for anything they can get from us.

This disgusting book supposedly gives Jews the right to cheat, to steal, to rob, to lie and to kill Gentiles (that’s you, Mr and Mrs redneck). It tells Jews that they are superior to Goyim (that’s you, Mr and Mrs Redneck). It brainwashes them into believing that your children are animals and that your Gentile daughter is but “filth”. It makes the song above acceptable to them because it calls Jesus’ mother a whore and makes fun of Jesus dying. But not only that, it desecrates Jesus in unimaginable ways. See here. Maybe I should point out that our American leaders constantly embrace and kowtow to those Lubavitch maniacs who shares that garbage at that site. They infiltrate our government and basically have not only been instrumental in pushing for all these illegal and immoral wars, but also all the recent liberty dissolving laws enacted.

It is also important to note that altho most Jews won’t willingly and openly admit that they killed Jesus, the Lubavitchs are proud of it.

But the depravity is even worse in many ways. They can marry a three-year old. They can have sex with a little girl 9 years old and to do so is “nothing”.

The entire set of books is disgusting and vile. You can read more about it here.

I never really paid much attention, because they won’t pull that crap down here in my neck of the woods (its only been online that I have seen their lies and superiority complex shine through). I have been very hard on some visitors here (and actually banned one) because I do not endorse racism in any form, even tho I have known what it is like to BE a racist in my life (towards blacks, however). I fell into that brainwashing due to my family’s racist roots and upbringing and it has taken many years to break it. And the only way was to educate myself and actively commit myself to stopping it.

Those who know me now understand that I have “repented” from that behavior and have seen the error of my ways and my family’s ways.

So, when I suggest that Jews think very highly of themselves, to a point that they believe that they ARE superior and are “God’s Chosen”, and moreso to the fact that they have been able to infiltrate out government, our media and many of the controlling corporations in America, this does not come lightly from me. Because I can recognize that I am not “superior” to blacks (or anyone else), I too, see that the Jews who, via their own brainwashing and education, who believe they are “superior” to me or anyone else is just full of shit.

But stopping there is not enough. I need to understand WHY they feel that way. Even with my vast study of the OT (which includes at least part of the Torah), I can’t seem to think that those books, alone, are enough to brainwash them. I knew there must be more. And that “more” comes in the form of the Talmud, which is an evil and disgusting bunch of malarky that makes the Torah pale in comparison. Yeah, the Jewish Infiltrators that occasionally come here, will call me anti-Semite (unless, like Kelso’sNuts, who once wrote here) will claim I am not anti-Semite, then change his mind when I don’t do things precisely the way he thinks I should and asks me to take down the disclaimer he urged me to post on the wall of this blog a while back.

I saw the truth of his self-superiority and I called him on it. I saw it go rampant in his little Ron Paul group, which as I understand it has basically been abandoned, or at least the thinkers within that group left it.

Dr Doug has shared stories about the few Jews he knows (he says he knows one cool one).

It has come to the point that whatever few decent Jews are out there need to stand up and let these other freaks know that they are going to cause much harm for themselves. People are not going to sit idly by and the fact is that eventually, that fake superiority will be shown for the lie it is.

This brings me to a point: I am a seeker of truth, no matter where it leads. I am not afraid to find out that I am wrong or that my education brainwashing is not true. On the contrary, I desire that any of those false issues within me be shown me. One can call me anti-Semite, but I know that to be a bunch of Jewish self-reflected bullshit. They can call me a racist, but again, bullshit. Even a non-Jew that frequents here had the same knee-jerk reaction to a post that was more about calling out Zionism by me adding a video of a small guy beating down a Behemoth. She said her friends on a Facebook page that read here took offense and the ensuing discussion is worth a quick read. I address this subject fairly often… here is a good example, so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

I was able to sum up the conversation/interaction here after reading my friend’s, John Friend’s post which asks the question:

Am I wrong in saying that organized Jewry are the primary instigators and benefactors of both WWI/WWII and the current War on Terror? Given the facts laid out above, is it anti-Semitic, racist, or prejudice to come to that conclusion?  How much longer can we afford to cower in silence while these criminals destroy this planet?

My response was:

No, its not wrong to accuse the Jews of what has been done in their names. As my latest bitch session from the knee-jerk reactionaries at my place have shown, they refuse to acknowledge the truth.

I have said many times that they (the secular Jews) better call the maniacs out before its too late. And I use the word “Jews” lightly, since most of them are not, but simply claim the mantle for their ill-gotten gain and murderous intentions.

And whenever someone calls me an anti-Semite, I respond that they should ACTUALLY be a Semite to make that accusation. Those European Khazars are certainly not Jews, much less Semitic.

I also warn them to either be Jew in religion or race, but a European Khazar is certainly not the same race as the original inhabitants of Palestine. They look nothing like them.

And if they choose being “Jewish” as a religion, then they better understand that the Talmud is the most vile piece of shit book that was ever written and to understand what it means and how it brainwashes them if they claim to be atheist.

I was recently told that secular Jews don’t know anything about the Torah or Talmud. Its a crying shame that this dumb ole redneck knows more about their own Holy books than they do.

The further down the rabbit hole in my education of this subject I go, the more I realize how much control (and how much I never really understood) they have. But be not afraid, my fellow Rednecks. You can learn the truth, yourself, and be a better person for it.

The Jewish Messiah

Start with that Talmud information link above (or even the Lubavitch site, which brags about the superiority) and see where they get the crazy idea of their superiority. Take that to heart and realize that you, too, may have something similar inside you that needs illumination and cleansing. For another fine reference to their superiority, you can read the post by Greg at the Goon Squad, which quotes some of their leaders monsters that are revered in that religion:


“Wars are the Jews harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” (Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn.)


“Some call it Marxism I call it Judaism.” —(The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).

From the “Quotes by Rabbis” site.

I plan to share much more about this in the future, as I go forward. And believe me, this rabbit hole changes everything about what I think of history.

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