Religion’s War On Drugs

I complain about organized religion here often. B’Man’s Sabbath Watch is generally my own way of addressing one or more forms of organized religion and its damage to the very ones they should try to help and protect. I’ve witnessed firsthand their power grabs and intentional harm induced onto its followers (including the harm done to me and my family). You see it all the time in news clips and have witnessed its influence and support of immoral wars.

But, every now and again, you find a group of religious leaders who see the light and try to make a difference (and yes, even in spite of my recent evaluation and critique of Judaism, I can find sensible Jewish leaders who also fit the bill).

Watch This:

Religion is one of the main culprits that instigated, supported and help continue that stinking mess we call the “War on Drugs” and religion should be the ones to stop it.


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4 thoughts on “Religion’s War On Drugs

  1. So, all you insane drug warriors, how do you like us reformers now. You painted us as crazy, drug users, tinfoil hat wearing pie in the sky idiots…… now we are tearing down your drug war. Tearing down the wall. We will end your insanity….your power grab…..your money maker…..your damages to society. We will wake the people and you will lose.We will now longer tolerate condeming our childern to a life of crime due to your laws.

    We the people can’t afford a team of lawyers to protest us from your law as the rich and powerful can….everything we say to a cop can and will be held against us…therefore cops are not our friends or protectors.

    We the people are ending this. Government will serve us again.This country will be ours again.


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