The 188 Day Earthquake Cycle

I referenced this phenomena here:

On a completely different note, what if the madness of March is to include another HUGE earthquake? Read the following post/video that ARF turned me on to. It appears that every 188 or 189 days an enormous earthquake occurs somewhere in the world.

The liklihood that there will be another megaquake and axis shift on march 22, 2012 is very high. In my opinion, the cause of these shifts is a massive celestial object moving inward from the 9 o’clock orientation of the solar system/ springtime/ constellations Leo-Orion.

The effects on the planet are directly correlated to Earth’s orientation relative to the massive object, with shifts of Earth’s axis occuring every 377 days, and significant Earthquakes every 188-9 days.

So, could the Mexico 7.9 and 7.6 (back to back) earthquakes be the one or are we in store for an ever bigger one tomorrow? Is this just a coincidence?

A very large series of earthquakes have occurred in South Mexico. More updates soon to come.. So far .. reports of a single 8.3 to 8.4M… or two 7.9 and a 7.6M …… also a 4.2 in San Diego CA at the same time as the mexico quake… and a 6.2M in Indonesia shortly after this mexico movement.

full post here with the stats and screenshots:

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One thought on “The 188 Day Earthquake Cycle

  1. Missed me by that much!!! 7.6!!! Would have been good for biss.
    freaky quinky dink!! LA is so over due for a good cleaning…
    Still looking for that HMO, P-X, or what ever they call it. His theory states there is one to make this happen. Believe it when I see it….The sun and HAARPS been quite all week so what makes the 188 days happen and is this a precurser to a bigger one?


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