B’Man’s Marijuana Watch: What It Does For Your Ballgame

Responsibility: Your Anti-Drug

There’s More Than One Way To Get High

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8 thoughts on “B’Man’s Marijuana Watch: What It Does For Your Ballgame

      • Why do you say that?

        I was looking at alternative formats in Blogspot last Friday night and got sucked into something I could not get out of, a format I did not like. You know those cycles where you just keep making it worse trying to get back to where you were in the first place?

        I could not find the template I used a few years ago of course, so I had to put things back together more or less as much the same as before. Is that what you refer to? the different-ish look?


  1. Oh and meanwhile, I screwed up the avatars/gravatars thing and I have yet to figure that one out. Nope, I am NOT a whiz at pc matters as you can see!


  2. My gravatar issue seems to not go away although I have done all I can to revert to my usual one. It seems to be across the board with wordpress.

    Did you take those as satire? I thought they were more anti drug government propaganda. That was what prompted the comment…. Sorry if I made a misinterpreted… not too hard to do.

    Poor Noor has had a few personal problems that have had her very distracted for the past week.*

    *(Come on get out that violin!)

    Thanks for your extra efforts to comment btw!

    OK I just made ANOTHER attempt to fix it. We shall see in 5 or 10 minutes….


    • Yeah, I am at wit’s end about the commenting thingy.

      On another note: are you familiar with revoltoftheplebs and a commenter there that goes by Karri?

      My God, what a piece of work. If you know the place, read the comments on the Virginia post. She has problems.


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