Wanna Know Who The Next POTUS Will Be? Consolt The Merovingian Line Lineage

Someone shared this little bit of information from the AtlanteanConspiracy blog with me and honestly I don’t know what the truth is about the theory. If all the connections are true, then we have two possible scenarios.

1: is that all the 44 POTUS’s are related or have family lineage connected to various royal families throughout time (which seems amazingly impossible to me)


2: anyone, if they look hard enough will find they, too, have lineage back to these same royal families.

Did you know all 44 U.S. presidents have carried European royal bloodlines into office? 34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the brutal eighth century King of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from King Edward III of England. In fact, the presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

According to the information link above, even the opposition party will have a royal descendant run against the royal descendant office holder. It is supposedly a shoo in. Also note that it is rumored that Bush, Cheney and Obama share royal lineage, as did Clinton and Dole. It would also explain why Obama and Osama looks so much alike, since Osama is cousins with the Queen of England (and too is Obama). Very weird stuff, but I am not convinced. It is also similar to the 6 Degrees of Separation theory.

There are theories that suggest everyone is connected and that all Europeans can find ancestral links to Charlemagne. Others note that everyone is related to Genghis Khan (since he was so “prolific”, as one commenter wrote). It appears that Obama has royal links (moreso than Bush did). Bush had more than Kerry (so he was given the title).

But the real question (as it pertains to our current plight, here in America) is should we try to find out who has the closest connections to the entire scheme of the candidates right now? Is it possible that old man Paul is related? Or Romney? Or Gingrich? Santorum?

They are all obviously crazy enough to have been mentally affected by cousin on cousin sex.


As far as I know, I am not related to any royalty, so that explains why I am not president. What’s your excuse?

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6 thoughts on “Wanna Know Who The Next POTUS Will Be? Consolt The Merovingian Line Lineage

  1. My 8th grandaunt, Sarah Rapalje – 1625, Fort Orange, New Netherland was the first european child born in what is now New York….
    So, Ive got Dibs…LOL Euro trash!!


  2. Explain to me what it means to be cousins and once removed or whatever. How does this work. Without Binging it I don’t know.


  3. A decade or so David Icke published the pages from Burke’s Peerage that showed the lineage of the Bush clan (and a few others as well) that went back many many centuries, Bush back to the Ptolemy family. (Cleopatra was the last known ruling Ptolemy).

    Actually it goes back to Ramses…..and if it does include Nebuchadnezzar then there truly is worse blood in there than we thought…. what with Bush the Kid’s mother’s very sick bloodline. Barbara Bush is the granddaughter of Aliester Crowley, just for your information, and we know what an absolute rotter he was.

    Icke contended even then that the person closest to the royals got the presidency every time, despite the dog and pony show.



  4. It’s not some conspiracy. If you have a European ancestor, I promise you, you descend from Charlemagne.





    If you go back 1,000 years, you over 8 Billion Ancestors.

    That’s more people than what was even on the planet. Which means every person alive today has to descend from their ancestors more than once. (In fact, many many times more than once, the further you go back.)

    Contrary to the modern belief of our “paranoid” society, marrying cousins has actually been the norm since the beginning of time. (Yes there is a slight possibility of some risks for genetic diseases to increase, but the potential for doubling genetic benefits is even greater.)


    This is how breeding of race horses, dogs, and other animals are done. (Genetics are genetics: human or animal, whether you believe in God or Evolution.) This is how mankind has done it all along, except of course, maybe for the last couple of centuries. (In fact, it was after the Civil war; when they wanted to increase unity between peoples in different states. Look it up.) 🙂


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