‘annoy,’ ‘offend,’ ‘harass’ or ‘terrify’: Is That What I Do Here?

Arizona legislature has concocted a new law waiting to be signed by the governor of that state.  Jonathon Turley writes about it here.

In one of the most sweeping attacks on free speech in America, the Arizona legislature has passed a draconian bill that would criminalize speech on the Internet (“any electronic or digital device”) that prosecutors consider “obscene, lewd or profane language or . . . suggest[ing] a lewd or lascivious act if done with intent to ‘annoy,’ ‘offend,’ ‘harass’ or ‘terrify.’” The law is largely undefined and is in my view facially unconstitutional. The law would drive a stake in the heart of free speech. Yet, people like Bill Clinton have been calling for such a crackdown on Internet speech for years.

Of course, on its face anyone knows that such a law is unconstitutional and ready for abuse. But I am not surprised that it begins in Arizona nor will it surprise me that it will spread like wildfire across the USA. The MSM is losing its readership/viewers to the internet and they won’t die willingly or without a fight. Nor will the politicians that take advantage of the presstitute media be willing to fight against such a stupid, unconstitutional law. Nor will the country’s savior law expert POTUS, especially when he says stupid crap like this:

The question I ask myself is, “Is that what I do here“? Is that last paragraph an example of what could be deemed offensive or annoying?

I am sure some people get offended and annoyed by my rants, just like someone asleep might be initially annoyed or offended that I wake them up from their slumber to tell them their house is on fire and they will die if they don’t wake up. Sometimes, it seems evident, that one MUST annoy and offend to get someone’s attention. If you haven’t figured it out yet, that is precisely what the BuelahMan persona is all about. People that know me (like Dr Doug and a few others) know that in my real life, I seldom resemble BuelahMan or interact the way he does. BuelahMan is me on steroids, so to speak.

If warning people I care about, or even my fellow Americans whom I do not know personally, about the pending doom we are facing (many of us are already right smack-dab in the middle of it as I write this) is terrifying, that is not my intent. Is it harassment to continually point out the thievery, lies and shenanigans that out government conducts? Is it a bad thing that I prod people in a horrible financial situation (like what my family and I are currently experiencing) to grow their own food? Speaking of which, I am right in the middle of preparing my second garden spot for okra, tomatoes, squash. Also note the two old swing sets that I will have hanging plants on. A third spot is an old flower garden I am tearing down/cleaning up to plant miscellaneous (onions, etc).

I basically practice what I preach.

I am also scouting for deer and turkey to be prepared for next season’s hunting (I plan on building a couple of tree stands/hunting boxes at the prime locations), so I can put meat in the freezer. I am also preparing my fishing tackle for catching food, as well, and will be fishing very soon (hopefully this weekend).

The only people that I ‘annoy’, ‘offend’, ‘harass’ or ‘terrify’ are the ones who are ripping me and my fellow countrymen off. The ones who are intent on destroying the Constitution I swore to uphold (apparently I meant it and they did not). Its the same with every blogger, video producer, or ranter (like me) that holds these criminals to account. We scare the hell out of them and they must pull a stunt like this to stop the truth from being told. Expect it. Its their last recourse.

Now, as you can see in my new garden spot, I have raking to do to get the rest of the sod out, pots to hang up on swing sets and a small garden to finish so I can plant onions, carrots, etc. What I haven’t done yet is hang my gutters along the fence top posts for my herb gardens (I’ll put up around 50 – 75 feet of gutter for this purpose).

If you have the wherewithal, the strength and place, you should do so, as well. You will need it this year more than any other. And don’t be fooled by that article, its not just the Middle Eastern problems or fuel prices. Inflation is hitting us squarely due to the unimaginable amount of bailouts, money printing and thievery going on right in front of us. Things will only get worse.

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9 thoughts on “‘annoy,’ ‘offend,’ ‘harass’ or ‘terrify’: Is That What I Do Here?

  1. Hi B’man

    You are not guilty of annoying, offending, harassing or terrifying the populace.
    But you are guilty of informing the American people of their impending doom.
    what is there not to like?
    Keep on keeping on bro…….


    • Thank you, Covkid. Apparently there are those that would rather explain me away as the problem, instead of as a solution to the tyranny.

      I admit that I am guilty of “informing American people of their impending doom”.

      If not me, then who? I think we all need to start informing everyone around us (especially since many I know personally don’t even own a computer). I do so in my neck of the woods almost daily.


  2. We are all guilty in their eyes … It’s Main Stream Media persuading lawmakers that we are dangerous for telling the truth (bribes included) … and little by little, all the laws are changing to close us down!


    • I think you are correct. Both sides of the pond are pursuing the same types of controlled shut down. They know they are had, but must try the last ditch efforts to squash truth.


  3. You think. Therefore you are dangerous.

    You post your thoughts. Therefore you are doubly dangerous.

    You just keep up what you are doing.

    You always make me smile.


  4. I intend to do all of the above. If that is what it takes to get people to open thier eyes and see whats going on in this world. When the subject comes up, I am what I speak here…I have no problem with that. If that is a problem for TPTB….good…I intend to be a problem. Let them make their laws, I will continue to speak…fore if we the people cannot speak freely of the criminal actions being taken agianst all of us…then we are not free and our constitution is worthless and American is no longer that becon of freedom our forefathers intended it to be…

    Speak now ornever be free.


  5. Well, well, well, well! Good to see you rousing up again, Mick. People have been wondering about you, myself included.

    Some people are petrified by crinkling tinfoil. Some by the feel of shoes on their feet. But many many more are frightened of the simple truth. But then, you knew that already, mmm?


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