Freedom In Tennessee For Teachers To Teach Hogwash To Our Children

Bill Haslam (Tennessee governor) will sign the new Tennessee bill that gives teachers the freedom to teach what they “believe” in science. If they don’t believe in evolution and do believe in the creation theory, they will be ok to spread that malarky to our children.

Beware the Monkey Bill

Remember that the narrative comes directly from the Jew Bible… The Torah. This is reason enough to ignore it and throw it into the dustbin of history. Yet, my home state will embrace it like the backwards fools we all seem to be.

h/t This Day – One Day

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24 thoughts on “Freedom In Tennessee For Teachers To Teach Hogwash To Our Children

  1. There is a reason home schooling is gaining much credence in North America today. Schools and all they stand for today are dangerous places for young minds ~ and bodies but let’s not go to the latter for now.

    With all the advances in technology today, parents are uniting and working together where they can. There are many hurdles including an at home parent, but it is definitely worth while if you want a thinking child capable of logic and maintaining personal integrity.


    • Its funny you bring home schooling up. The latest curriculum that the local schools are teaching are in accordance with TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program). This program is developed by a person who is no teacher and has no education background (according to the Principal, with whom my wife and I have had some heart to heart discussions with about it). He sees it as a step backwards for kids, where I see it as a deliberate goal of confusing and an attempt to dumb the kids down. He is totally against it and sees that it is detrimental to their future.

      Some of the stuff is ludicrous on its face and it causes my daughter to question what she previously learned (she is brilliant and way above her classmates, I believe since we take special care to help her… as an example, her vocabulary is heads and shoulders above her peers and she was second in the entire school thru 5th graders last year… she was in first grade last year… in the reading competition). But this year they implemented this new program that basically erases what she learned. Math is the worst, but it affects all other subjects, including social studies, reading, spelling… everything.

      I swear they want them dumb.

      This thing about Creationism being on equal footing as evolution, depending on the teacher’s “belief” is atrocious and just one more nail in the public school coffin. It leaves the curriculum up to what someone believes about the Bible… not fact, scientific discovery and consensus of virtually all of the scientific world.

      If I knew my wife could handle it, I would insist on her teaching BuelahGirl at home. And if I don’t get work before the summer is out and it appears to be a permanent unemployment thing (and from the looks of it, that appears to be the status for the foreseeable future), then I may do it myself. I know for a fact I could do a better job than the person teaching her class this year (last year’s teacher spoiled us, for she was awesome). She is a woman we have known for decades and was one of my wife’s roommates in college. They don’t make them like her any more.


      • Yep they are deliberately destroying the education system. That began around 1910 or so when the Rockefellers bought up encyclopedia companies and the companies that published educational material. But they did not go into high gear until around the late 1970’s and it has been accelerating ever since. More so in America than Canada but our system is trying to catch up! Here are three links by renowned experts on this matter. Gatto and Iserbyt are highly credited for their word and deservedly so.

        America today is a combat zone where the War Against Intelligence is constantly being waged. ~ The Destruction of American Education And What We Must Do About It

        “Every hour those poor people spend at their books is so much time lost to society. Going to school in comparison to working is idleness.”




  2. Hello! I saw this post and I’ve been reading a lot about this… I definitely agree that kids should be taught the “facts” and allowed to make their own decisions about them. The thing is, evolution and creation are both only theories and neither can be proven. If they could, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The bill that Haslam is signing simply allows te teachers to discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of each theory. In most areas of research the discussion already does this- so why would we not allow scientific theories to be objectively viewed? Sure, some teachers will add there own “beliefs” into it, but they are already doing that. The responsibility ultimately belongs to the parents, teaching their kids how to discern the teachings they hear. For the system to favor either creationism or evolution would be indoctrination and I think this bill is trying to prevent that. It may not be successful but we won’t know until it’s put into action.


    • There is no way that the theory of creationsim is even remotely in the same scientific catergory as the theory of evolution.

      Lacy, what you have done here is convolute what scientific “theory” is, with what is taught in the Torah (and if you ask most Jews, they regard the creation story as myth). Most Jews I have discussed this with laugh at the “Creationists” who fight to put the theory of creation on the same intellectual standing as evolution.

      I would have to parrot what Cenk says in the video, if you question scientific theory, such as the “theory of gravity” (which is a scientific “theory”), then prove that it is untrue by stepping out of a ten story building and show me it is erroneous.

      My point is that people who try to equate the “theory” of creationsism (which cannot be proven or even observed) with the theory of evolution (which can be proven… for would you argue that things don’t evolve???), then you are comparing apples to horse turds. This may be adequate for anyone who feels like they MUST believe the Jew Bible (something even the Jews by and large scoff at), but for any thinking, educated individual, it isn’t quite so easy.

      In a nutshell, creationist “theory” is a guess with no discernable scientific fact. I would point you to wikipedia (not my favorite source for anything, but in this cas ethey did a decent job of explaining the difference).

      A “Scientific Theory” is “a set of principles that explain and predict phenomena. Scientists create scientific theories with the scientific method, when they are originally proposed as hypotheses and tested for accuracy through observations and experiments. Once a hypothesis is verified, it becomes a theory.

      The term “theory” is a polyseme, even among scientists. While most scientists reserve the term for verifiable principles, others use it to refer to hypothetical frameworks. Colloquially, it is often used to refer to a guess. In the humanities, the concept is called a philosophical theory and is intended to explain noumena. Philosophical theories can refer to a set of principles or a set of propositions.

      See this:

      The culprit is the insistence that the Bible is inerrant and perfect. Well, it isn’t (at least from a literal standpoint, and I would argue from many other standpoints, as well).


    • We didn’t evolve from apes, but from some common ancestor up the chain.

      But even if so, why are there still original species of animals and then evolved versions that coexist?


      • And why aren’t there any ape/humans that havnt full evolved..

        Also I wasn’t arguing for the superiority or even equality of the theories which is why teachers should be allowed to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each.

        P.S. Gravity is not really a fair comparison. And for most general purposes gravity is considered a “law” rather than a theory.


        • You have misconstrued another word meaning. The “law” you mentioned are but rules within a scientific “theory”. The “theory of relativity” expounds on Newton’s “theory of gravitation” because Newton couldn’t explain certain fluctuations as seen in Mercury.

          What does fully evolved mean to you? Are you evolved? Are you there, yet? Does it stop with your current being?

          Teachers should not be able to teach Creationism as a science. It is a religion. But that is the entire point of why this ludicrous. No scientitst can prove any aspect of creationism, for all the science proves it wrong (which IS verifiable).


  3. Find my old man, who is impervious to stories of anomalies on 9/11, brings up evolution about once a week. I find myself wondering what it adds to anything. So forms developed over time. So the timescale is well beyond the allegorical bible tale. Did anyone in the NT talk about 7 days? What does evolution explain? All it seems to do is be a reason to undermine spirituality. Correct me if I”m wrong.

    Pope Pius XII in Humani Generis (1950) acknowledged that evolution might accurately describe the biological origins of human life, but at the same time criticized those who “imprudently and indiscreetly hold that evolution… explains the origin of all things”. Catholics must believe that the human soul was created immediately by God. Since the soul is a spiritual substance it is not brought into being through transformation of matter, but directly by God, whence the special uniqueness of each person.

    The Prtocols have this to say:

    3. But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE “GOYIM” THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.

    Again, if someone can persuade me that evolution contributes somethings of real importance I’m openminded.


    • aj,

      That is a totally different discussion than whether or not teachers shouls teach creationism as a science or not. You just mentioend that it is an allegorical tale.

      Me being a Diest, I have no problem with evolution being a part of our existence or even a part of any creation that God may have conducted. But to take the literal Bible stories (all Jew stories, from the Jew Bible) and to attach some sort of scientific purpose behind it is certainly beyond the scope of those written words.

      Is evolution good? What is its worth?

      I dunno, but it got us where we are. Good or bad.


      • Bman, I guess I see the teaching creationism as science as a far lesser danger than the ongoing pollution of young minds. I tend to think that evolution has been used as a tool to undermine morality and to ridicule spirituality which is a big problem long term. The Protocols are unambiguous.

        A.N Field who did a marvelous book on the Jewish problem, All These Things, also wrote on the “science” behind evolution. That book is available.
        I’m not qualified or interested enough to judge the science, but do think there’s pretty good evidence that evolution fits in with the rest of the Jewish agenda.

        Pius XII seems pretty reasonable to me: forms have evolved but the essence is divine. Evolution as the litmus test of reason, as it seems to be with Pop, would seem to do nothing except undermine the idea of divinity at work. Smacks of the Jewish agenda, IMO.

        I’m going to guess that creationism is big in the protestant churches and not such a issue in the catholic church. E. Michael Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit is essential reading on the Judaizing threat from the enlightened Protestants.


        • aj,

          Perhaps evolution is part of the Jewish mind muck. But so is creationism (it comes from the Torah for goodness sake).

          Also, not to be offensive, but anything from a Catholic Pope lends little credibility to the argument, in my estimation. Same is true for any Christian sect. For they all are depending upon the Torah as their guide.

          The difference is that many non-Jews, atheists and other scientists have shown evolution to be true (just as your Pope link) and observable. The only difference that I can see is that there is absolutely nothing within the Creationist’s explanations that show a scientific correlation. One cannot say this about evolution.

          Personally, I don’t care if evolution is good/bad. It is what it is and can be shown scientifically. Creationism cannot.

          And again, it comes from the Jew Bible.

          So which do I give more credence to? The Protocols or the Torah?

          My answer is neither. So, I rely on the scientific evidence available.


        • I stopped getting angry about this subject, except when it affects my daughter’s education negatively. I also understand a person’s desire that creationism being true, for many (if not most) of the people I know personally have been brought up to never question the literalness of the Bible (Old or New Testaments).

          I also know that the Torah is not a history book, much less a science book. If people understood this, we would all be better off.


          • I was bought up as a church going christian … from Sunday School to Confermation … My Mum is a born again Christian who preaches! … But, as luck would have it … I developed the power of thought! … does not compute in religious circles … hence the wierd beliefs … but I have always understood why so many people need it … comfort! … reassurance that all will be well in the end! … still enough of that before it turns into a post … Ha! Ha!


  4. leave both of them alone. only a fool would say in his or her heart their is no god. This is for the parent to teach, not a liberal biased teacher. i don’t wan’t a teacher, teaching their interpratation of the bible, but in the other hand, i dont want some ding dong teaching my kid’s we come from monkies. neither one is based on fact so neither one should be taught as fact.


    • There are those that would say only a fool would say in his or her heart that there IS a god. They might say, prove it. And you can’t.

      As for evolution being taught from fact… of course it is. And the evolution teaching I have never suggested men evolved from monkeys, btw.

      Am I a ding dong by teaching you this?


      • As I said before … It made life so simple! … I don’t think you can fight that! … Indoctrination has gone on for years … It has taken 2,000 years to persuade people To believe in these Superstitions … It may take another 2,000 years to open their eyes to reality …


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