Richard Noggin’ Watch: Jeff Nealy Says It Ain’t Gonna Last Forever

April 16, 2011 – The General Services Administration inspector general said Monday that he’s investigating possible bribery and kickbacks in the agency, as a central figure in the spending scandal asserted his right to remain silent at a congressional hearing. (April 16)

Of course the entire government cabal has been playing all of us for fools. Its no secret that some of the better paying jobs for schlobs like me would be in some government office. It is also no secret that they use and abuse privilege, not to mention POWER at every opportunity.

What is a bit different is the fact that they are willing to discuss their criminal abuses so openly in emails and readily admit that (so it seems) they are about to be ended. Of course, please do not think for a second that this will end all of the abuses, for anyone keeping tally would understand that most of the Congress is on the take and use and abuse our tax dollar at every possible opportunity, themselves.

More than likely, they know that we (poor folk) are about to catch on and insist something be done. So, they need a scapegoat. And why not Jeffry and the entire GSA? I’m sure there is some open door ready for his corrupt ass, just like all the criminals that “seem” like they are holding accountability hearings, yet they would NEVER address the real issues like the Federal Reserve, Central Banking and the fact that most of their own are corrupt as any three card Monte con man.

Issa is very concerned about Obama’s administration’s spending and abuse. But, if he REALLY wanted to do something, he would be all over that $2TRILLION dollars that disappeared on Sept 10, 2001. I’m sure there is plenty of other monies that have disappeared without even a snort from these men”looking for answers”.

h/t BrassCheckTV

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