A Sign That Its The First Of May

Been spending a great deal of time in the gardens and working to organize a yard sale. The giant rosebush next to the carport is still blooming and the baby doves found at the top of the plant near the incoming power conduit are growing like weeds. My fence seems to be holding the dogs out of the squash/tomato garden, and the other tomato/okra garden has no fence and the dogs aren’t bothering them (seems I wasted my time when I put up the other fence, huh?).

The weather has been unpredictable, meaning that with my gardens I hope for a good shower every day, and when I see the forecast call for good chance of rain, I rejoice (except that I haven’t actually received any of that forecast rain).

The dogs have fleas real bad and they get their washing and drops today.

There are many signs that May is here, giving you a million reasons to go outside, so I thought I’d share these signs for further inspiration:

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2 thoughts on “A Sign That Its The First Of May

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  2. Truly the strangest video I have seen in ages. Cute as a button too.

    Good luck with the garden and the rain and all that.

    Remember, when you have the yard sale, your kid is NOT to be placed on the auction block!


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