Richard Noggin’ Saturday: The Jerk

The Jerk

Grampa Numbnuts opened his mouth again and called America first Patriot, James Morris, a jerk for asking about why there was a cover-up on the murderous attack Israel made on our own service members aboard the USS Liberty.

I believe it is evident who the hero and who the traitor is. But isn’t it the epitome of hypocrisy for that old jerk to be calling others jerks?

From “Wake Up America“:

John McCain calls America first patriot a ‘jerk’ for questioning him about USS Liberty cover-up for Israel

May 30th, 2012 | Author: Patriot
America first patriot James Morris Challenges Israel first Traitor John McCain at Memorial Day Service in San Diego (at Balboa Park) on May 28th, 2012:
Can see entire video of John McCain and Mitt Romney via C-SPAN video at following URL:

UK Daily Mail newspaper via  picked up on John McCain calling James Morris a ‘jerk’ but hardly any mention was made of what James said to him about the USS Liberty  (just following Huffington Post URL and the Daily Kos and Raw Story links below as well):

John McCain Calls Heckler A ‘Jerk’ After Memorial Day Speech Interruption (VIDEO):

Close to 2000 comments on Huff Post URL:

Watch: Romney Laughs When McCain Calls American a “Jerk” on Memorial Day:

‘Jerk!’: McCain rips Memorial Day heckler

Maidhc Ocathail (of had an excellent response to the above linked Raw Story piece!:

The Raw Story treats readers like “jerks” over Israel’s attack on USS Liberty:

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Sen. McCain Rips Heckler Who Interrupts His Memorial Day Speech: ‘Jerk!’

Ingraham On Sen. McCain Calling Out Heckler: ‘What’s Wrong With Calling Out Behavior For What It Is?’

Look how biased the following local San Diego news segment was as well!:

Romney here to honor troops, McCain takes on heckler:

ABC and CNN showed the video as well:

Officer Jack McLamb show from Monday night with USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney hosting as he had James Morris on air to discuss his USS Liberty question for John McCain: (Officer Jack McLamb is the most decorated law enforcement officer in Phoenix, Arizona history):
Following is a youtube (kindly created by David Strader for his excellent youtube channel) of the above broadcast :
USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Hosts the Officer Jack McLamb Show 05-28-2012
Posted in Zionist Threat

John McCain is an embarrassment to every American.

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5 thoughts on “Richard Noggin’ Saturday: The Jerk

    • James is a hero. Gramps is a sad example of what goes wrong with kowtowing American traitors. I once wrote about the fact that even W was a better pilot than McCain. That is saying a lot. McCain is a disgrace to his uniform and country. His Dad was worse.


  1. And who would be better than to think everyone else is a jerk than the king of Jerkdom?

    We know which whore McCain serves. That says it all. And they are an embarrassment to the entire universe, not just planet Earth.

    McCain also suffers, and makes the rest of the world pay, from some malingering disease that devours both moral fibre as well as brain tissue simultaneously. This is not to be confused with his dementia and general bouts of autistic idiocy. Those are from other problems of which he boasts.

    BTW Bman, I posted that vid with Tarpley cos of his insights into Paul. That Kokesh guy has his head lodged between his rear cheeks. You nailed him perfectly! Oh and I posted it so you could see it!


    • There are many things I like about Kokesh, but this crazy libertarian imaginary world is dangerous. Notice how he basically refused to address the issue that Tarpley (and myself) harped on over and over again: what do you do for the 50,000,000+ that will DIE when the Paul plan is implemented?

      All Kokesh could do was regurgitate Mises and Rothbard talking points and was not able to address the real crisis.

      Its a dreamland and reality means death to Americans.

      He also does what everyone else does and insists that the rhetoric is more meaningful than the printed plan. He insists that Paul REALLY< REALLY wants to cut military and THEN do something with entitlements. Sorry, 15% cut to military is a farce and Kokesh is too ignorant (or maybe stupid) to see it. But I am not surprised: I have had several self-proclaimed "economists" explain to me that I don't know what I'm talking about, even tho Paul has publicized the numbers for me (and those brilliant economists) to see.

      Kokesh (and the others, like even the great Paul Craig Roberts) are fooled by the stump speech just like every Bushie and Obama Maniacs were fooled by those stump speeches. The gullibility and lack of insight of these people is sickening. A dumb ole redneck can see it, but these stalwart :"economists" and other smartie pants can't???

      Not that it really makes one iota of difference, "I told ya so".


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