Please Choose Your Heroes Wisely

Not that I can expect much from many of you, since apparently most of you have ZERO discernment (your undying dedication to RP’s Republican Party shows how stupid many of you are), so it is not surprising that many of you have selected this fool as your most recent hero.

Bilderberg 2012: protesters hail their hero, Alex Jones

What a bunch of maroons.

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4 thoughts on “Please Choose Your Heroes Wisely

    • Hi Kate,

      Yes, that would be Ron Paul. Apparently, according to him and his son, his motive has been to change the Republican Party (which is what I’ve been saying all along). Only those brainwashed will believe the rhetoric over his printed and very detailed plan. Had Romney not been able to secure the delegate count, Rand would probably be the next VP. Ron Paul’s entire campaign shows that his motivation was not “winning” the presidency, but something else. It sure isn’t the rhetoric he spews, otherwise he would vote and bring votes to the chamber differently (say, “Impeachment”). He doesn’t really care about that, except in the minds of the ass-kissing sycophants who resemble Bushies and ObamaManiacs more than patriots.

      Never an R or D again and the sooner American’s realize this, the sooner Alex Jones and the disinformation specialists will be a figment of our long lost imaginations.


  1. Disgusting. If ANYONE would be a “hero” of Bilderberg, it should be the revered veteran reporter Jim Tucker who TAUGHT Jones and has been covering Bilderberg for decades! Even Jones is in awe of Tucker. So…. a big raspberry to those fools.


  2. LOL, man, Jones sure does have a way of hypnotizing people, doesn’t he? When I first began looking into 9/11, I listened to his radio shows for about 4 or 5 months, and then I finally figured out the Jewish angle to this “New World Order” conspiracy. I always thought something was up with him… he’s conceited and just likes putting on a show for people. Oh, and making money while leading people in the wrong direction.


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