A Bushie = An ObamaManiac = A PaulTard

All you libertarian PaulTards are shitting yourselves right now. If it weren’t so sickening a display, I would link to some of the pearl-clutching videos going everywhere in the Blogosphere, but it turns my stomach to see so many Bushies turned ObamaManaiacs, now turned PaulTards cry about losing a candidate that has only played you for the obvious fools you are.

It wasn’t too awful long ago that the Karate Kid dude posted a video about how bad Paul’s Campaign Manager was “intentionally” screwing up the campaign. Well, Lil RyRy, Benton is Paul’s grandson via marriage. I’m sure that Benton hates Ron and would do anything to thwart his Grandfather-in-law’s career and run for POTUS>

They call it nepotism. 60+ members of the Paul campaign are his family members. So much for making it on your own without a little help from friends in high places. Benton was doing EXACTLY what he was asked to do, dumb ass.

That gasbag, Alex Jones is all over himself for investing so much into Paul. And its true for all PaulTards. Just like a Bushie or ObamaManiac, they dare not admit that they made a mistake or that they have been duped. God forbid all you rednecks find out that Jones is a shill. Hell, you might start sending me all that money or something. At least I am correct about this shit.

Lew is simply besides himself over it all. So is IntelHub and all the other “alternative media”. Video rebel basically deleted a bunch of my comments about this subject (I guess I was too correct to allow such information to be published on that blog). Hell, I could go on and on about all the “leaders” of the alternative news sites that are taken aback by what I have been telling them would happen for months. So much for recognizing truth. So much for discernment.

I reached out to the IntelHub to simply have the information ignored. No response. But look at the boys now as they struggle internally to figure out what happened.

There is some interesting reading in the notes section of that video. Gosh, guys, maybe you could have had a whopper of a story had you simply paid just a minute amount of attention (I am assuming that you folks are real and just missed this. Maybe you are hacks, as well).

One person, however, that surprised me was Dr Paul Craig Roberts. I commented on his blog in reference to Ron Paul’s Plan and sent email communications to him. Apparently, he didn’t have the time (as an economist, you see) to evaluate the numbers I laid out. That was either convenient or a show of laziness or maybe a coverup for he knew these numbers all along. I never know about smart people. For me to recognize this and for others to so valiantly fight to AVOID the information is telling.

Let me air this out for you all to understand it. This was so obvious that a dumb old redneck like me saw it very early on. I have had numerous conversations that turn to argument the moment I bring up Paulsterity. Some people are so far gone that basic math no longer works in their world. I call that BushMath. No matter what is laid out, no matter what math sign is used, the answer is ALWAYS Ron Paul. I laid it out here as I addressed another ass-kissing sycophant:

35% cut in Medicaid


43% cut in SCHIP


63% cut in Foodstamps


15% cut in miltary

You dumbasses. DO THE MATH!

Speaking of math: How many anti-truth platforms could the man have taken before you would have awoken to the truth of the con game? You might think that someone with a brain in the head might wake up when their entire catalyst for their being (911) is being stomped on by their hero, Gramps Ron. You might think that those of us who don’t have an agenda except getting to the truth could share nuggets that might be picked up by the heavy players in blogland… but that would be to assume that they have brains or don’t have some agenda that doesn’t match their lying lips.

No, almost ALL of you ass-kissers STILL have your lips planted firmly on Gramps behind and from my perspective, it makes you look rather silly.

Now, I’ll sit back and watch you all make fools of yourself since you missed the mark so incredibly bad. You’ll blame Lil Rand. You’ll blame the MSM. You will blame the Rep Party. You will blame everyone but your own stupid selves.

But what is worse is the fact that so many of you have sprinted to be a part of what could only be described as murder. When you so eagerly agree with Paul’s “Plan To Restore America”, you eagerly agree to a program of death and murder. Of course, the old man would never SAY this, but you tell me what happens when the 50,000,000 lose most of the Foodstamps and have to try to survive on about $15/week. Tell me what happens to little poor children who have NO insurance or healthcare when you pull SCHIP? How about all the mentally challenged (or physically challenged) people who can NOT fend for themselves as you cut their Medicare and food help?

Are you people, ones like that Kokesh dude, so blinded by an ideology that you cannot understand that these cuts will do to the weakest and neediest of us all? Are you all that callous and uncaring or just so ideologically blinded that you are unable to see the death you embrace?

And, look: its not like Paul didn’t tell us all along. Same with Obama. They tell us outright what their plans are and still there are those that listen and hear something opposite of what they say or write.

It is but blind, stupid allegiance that causes such ignorance and insanity.

If you jumped on the Paul wagon, had an interaction with me where I educated you to the truth, and you shit on me in response:

Fuck You!

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9 thoughts on “A Bushie = An ObamaManiac = A PaulTard

  1. I tried to leave the following comment at IntelHub’s site, where they posted the above video. However, it disappeared, telling me my comment was shuttled off to spam world or they are blocking me on purpose.

    I have been harping on Paul for a while and you never replied to my articles or insistence that Paul is not on the up and up. (Google “Paulsterity”)

    And don’t knee-jerk me. I think they all suck. “Never an R or D Again”, is my motto. Paul is an R and has verbalized that too many times to count. Hence, it is an impossibility that any fix could ever come about. I said many times that Paul should go Ind, but that is/was not his purpose in this race.

    I will not defend all of Tarpley’s stances ideologically for I do not agree 100% with him (or anyone else, apparently). But I challenge anyone to refute his investigative research. As a researcher and historian, he is thorough… moreso than virtually any other. His memory is impeccable and I doubt that he would be saying any of this, were it not true. Disagree with his personal interpretations, if you like, but show me how his research is off in any way.

    To see Alex attack him like a little sissy girl during the interview they had was telling.

    “Why do you hate Ron Paul so much?”… et al. Screaming over Tarpley, even tho Tarpley had the mic. It was disturbing because it showed AJ’s desperation.

    Pointing out the truth about Paul and his campaign is exactly what this country (and especially the alternative media) needs. TRUTH.

    And the bottom line about Paul is that his written plan and stump rhetoric don’t jive. His written plan will starve and take away healthcare from the neediest while enriching the richest even more. He SAYS in stumps that he is anti war, anti-Empire, yet his plan dictates a cut to military of 15%. Tax cuts for the rich and corporations. NOTHING for the poor… but to the opposite, he takes more as a percentage of NEED from the poor than anyone else.

    Any cursory view and basic math proves this, yet somehow people are too blinded to believe it.

    Hence why I suggest that a PaulTard is exactly the same as a Bushie or an ObamaManiac. It is all the same mentality.

    People need to wake up.

    (As I looked more closely, they have added this note to their normally open comment section. Perhaps now I am a “troll”)

    Note: Since exposing the Bilderberg Group on a level unheard of in the past, theintelhub.com and other alternative media outlets have been trolled by government sock puppet accounts and or literally mentally ill individuals. We are no longer allowing ANY sort of trolling in our comments section. This is not censoring free speech, this website is our property and will not be used to spread lies, hate, and outright disinformation.

    Hopefully I’ll be proved innocent of spreading “lies, hate, and outright disinformation”.


  2. finally somebody who see’s through ron paul for what he is.
    I don’t get how anybody in their right mind thinks this guy is the lesser of evil’s(that right there is the pathetic excuse people give me when I show that he’s no different than any other politician) but the countries fascination with him shows just how beaten down and pathetic most people are for some champion of *justice* to come save them.


    • I have closely followed Ron Paul over the years and I always liked what he says. However, in this campaign, he screwed the Truth Movement, he screwed the Tea party, he screwed over various states that he didn’t even really campaign in, but might have had a showing, and now he is bald face lying about his plan.

      I just want some sensible “libertarian” to admit that the ideology they “think” he professes would end up killing millions. They can’t do that, because they think Paul is a saint. Endorsing murder and taking away healthcare from the sickest and poorest is hardly saintly.


  3. Well said BM, I have for years been saying this Paul is part of the problem, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be there, but ,man do the Paultards go nuts when you try to get them to just question anything about Paul.


    • Dennis,

      You hit it it. But what is weird is that Paul has said over and over again that he is trying to mend the Rep Party. So, that in and of itself proves he is not out to fix this country. Never an R or D again!


    • Hi Dave,

      Maybe its wishful thinking, but when supposed smart people are shown the glaring truth of the numbers, why can they not scrutinize that “wishful thinking” to confirm their hopes?

      I went thru the same thing with Bushies (where I got the death threats) and with ObamaManiacs (who were just fools). Thus far I’m batting a 1000 and most everyone else that does what I do is not.

      I wish Paul were real, but my basic evaluation proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is not “real”. He is just another one of them.


  4. Paul supporters should work to get low threshold PR implemented at the state and local level. Hardly a panacea (of course none exist) but it’s easy to see that it allowed anti-globalist/pro-majority parties to come from nowhere to solid representation in govt in places like Finland and The Netherlands. You don’t have to agree with the specific policies of the parties in question to recognize this.


  5. I have followed up and visited many of the sites I wrote about above and surprise, surprise, most are not allowing my comments. I wrote to Dr Roberts this morning asking why. The IntelHub and Activist Post appear to be screening me (or simply have blocked my comments with the spam filter).
    I think it is telling that these folks are screening the guy that was correct, while they championed the Obama Mania, now known as PaulTardism, leading readers and Truth Movement people in the wrong direction without even a cursory look at te details I showered them with for months.


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