Oh Say Can You See, That Americans Are Blinded By Bullshit?

We’ve been told by the maniacs and murderers that the towel heads hate us for our freedoms and want to stop freedom from occurring in America. At least, this is one of many reasons for the American Empire given to the stooges who still believe the bullshit.


So, who in the world “loves us” for those very same freedoms?

(Crickets chirp as I await that answer)

How many Iraqis do you think love us and our brand of “freedom”? Afghanis? Libyans? Egyptians? Iranians? Chinese? Russians? Others dominated by the “Empire of Freedom” (which includes what turns out to be the entire globe, with just a handful of exceptions, including Israel)?

I used to be patriotic. I used to believe the crap. Then I truly began to pay attention and saw the lie almost immediately. So, why aren’t you paying attention?

For the love of “freedom”

I wonder how many rednecks have stood in line to enjoy the above taint-show personally? Not worried? So, will you submit at the TSA highway stop or the mall crotch search when you are looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Of course you will.


Only you can put a stop to it.

Noor gives us a good understanding of what American “Freedom” really is at her latest post, “Are You A Slave Of The System?”

Dr Paul Craig Roberts expresses just how lost Americans are on this “hot air day” in his post, “Can Americans Escape Deception?“.

In a single word answer, Dr Roberts…


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6 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You See, That Americans Are Blinded By Bullshit?

  1. I been saying no to sheepdom for long time now…..I still proudly wear the labels given to me for saying no also. You know, labels like crazy, tin foil hats man , anrchist , freak, commie , un-American liberal socialist lazy ass , un-American right wing gun toting racist pig , terrorist….ect ect ect. And of course Im none of these….just an American whos concerned for our country and freedoms that we are SUPPOSED to have. We are not allowed to speak of such things….why else would these label be applied to anyone “getting out of line ” over such concerns as FREEDOM? Really folks…..why would you be attcked over such question (you pick the questions concerning government actions that are ruining this country) and I guarentee you will be labled. Depending on your level of questioning and how loudly you speak…it may mean a orange jump suit.


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