Freaky Sex Friday: Planet Earth’s Sex Life Leads To Savage Homosexual Attack

It used to be just them…

Now, they’re coming after us…

Amorous bull damages deputy’s patrol car

“…According to the report, a deputy arrived at the home and noticed a man slapping the bull on the head and leading him across the yard.

The report says the bull then mounted the man and “tried to mate with him,” pinning him between the patrol unit and causing minor damage to the vehicle.

The bull then left the yard and began following a truck down the road.

The man said that he was not injured and did not give the officer time to get his information for a report.”

Article found at The Cabin. h/t Boing Boing

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2 thoughts on “Freaky Sex Friday: Planet Earth’s Sex Life Leads To Savage Homosexual Attack

  1. Unfortunately, Jewish people started Zionism but many opposed it. It really is not Judaism, you know. And now many non Jewish elite have banded together with those original Zionists so that Joe Biden could say he was a Zionist. Many Jews either oppose Zionism or ignore Zionism. The later is not as good as the former but it is better than the support America used to give to Israel through personal contributions. We need to not be antiSemitic and support all Jewish people who oppose Zionism. The tribe isn’t everything, except to people like David Duke, who I reject, and many Jews have opposed the Zionist tribe, which now included many non Jewish people!


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