Hero Worship: Roger Pion


Hero: Plain and Simple

I must give credit where credit is due. Have you ever wanted to do a Monster Truck Crush on a cop car? Well, I have, but I admit to being to scared to ever do it. Pion, however, was not.

You have all my respect, Roger. I don’t think, for a second, that he ever meant to harm a soul, so what he is facing is too much.

Something tells me he is pissed over them taking his weed. If he still had some, I doubt he’d ever even try such a thing.

h/t Newport Daily Express

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3 thoughts on “Hero Worship: Roger Pion

  1. They should of left the guy alone. He would have raided the frig and had a nice nap . Isnt this the way they wanted it though? they created the problem,offered the solution and expect us to not get nuts and crush cars? Ah but wait, they know what the outcome is before they even started this.


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