B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Wiretapping

When a citizen records statements by officials regarding child abuse at the hands of a rogue cop, it is illegal:

Note what Ademo (Mueller) said regarding the plea offer he was given:

“Here’s how I see the offer: it’s a stellar deal if I actually thought what I had done was wrong.” 

“First, I can’t go against my principles and sign a deal that says I acknowledge my actions as wrong or illegal.”

“Second, I’m not a hypocrite. How can I advocate refusing plea deals and sign one myself? I don’t judge anyone who has taken pleas because each case/charge is different. Third, I am confident I can show a jury, with facts and logic, that I shouldn’t be caged for my actions…. Let the circus begin!

But when the government does it, its just fine:

The federal government may spy on Americans’ communications without warrants and without fear of being sued, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday in a decision reversing the first and only case that successfully challenged President George W. Bush’s once-secret Terrorist Surveillance Program.

“This case effectively brings to an end the plaintiffs’ ongoing attempts to hold the executive branch responsible for intercepting telephone conversations without judicial authorization,” a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals wrote. (.pdf)

You see, the government is a gaggle of hypocrites that tell us to do one thing while they do the exact opposite. Will there ever come a time when true accountability is achieved?

Free Ademo

h/t CopBlock and Cryptogon (with links to the original Wired article)

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One thought on “B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Wiretapping

  1. Ademo was found guilty (he represented himself, which I suspect was a mistake). He was sentenced to 12-months, with 9-months suspended and three years probation.


    Again, the government can wiretap you and never tell you. The Telephone Companies are given full immunity for their crimes. Yet, when holding a rogue off-duty cop accountable for assaulting a teenage at school, Ademo gets time and the cop (and school) smile is subservience to criminals with badges and their corrupt court system.


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