Cop Comparisons

The bad ones:

The good ones:

My take:

It is not my practice, nor my desire to carry an armed weapon openly. However, I believe in the right of an individual to do so, especially in states where they enacted laws for the very reason that a citizen has every right to protect themselves from anyone intent upon harming them. There can be no doubt that a theft or assault will be far less likely if the culprit saw a weapon strapped on the side of their intended victim. I also have no problem with concealed carry laws, for the same reasons (a person has the right to protect themselves). If a criminal intends to hold a person up and they realize that there may be a potential that the person (or another person in a store, or whatever) may have something to protect themselves with, then I suggest that it is far less likely that they will even try.

The first cops obviously had trouble on their minds and apparently held a very high opinion of themselves, while also displaying a complete disregard for the Constitution. It would behoove someone that lives there to read and understand what that man’s oath says, and if it mentions something about protecting the Constitution (or something similar) that worthless jerk needs to lose his job.

In the second video, I would recommend that the video be used by policemen to train others in the correct approach.

I also want to say that the activist did an excellent job in explaining what he was doing and why. It truly is ignorance of the people that make this the issue it is.

I personally would not strap a weapon to my back and walk around like he did, for I can understand how some may be scared due to the propaganda. But, I understand those that do, especially when that is the purpose of their activism.

h/t CopBlock

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