This Should Be A Good Year

It is that time again!!  Last year was a disappointment due to the bright moon.  This year as we travel through the tail of Swift Tuttle’s debris the moon should be dim and allow for a good show.   Sunday is the peak.  I have seen a few tonight and am going back out in a bit.

Annual Orbit Of Swift Tuttle

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4 thoughts on “This Should Be A Good Year

  1. Beck and I sat for about 30 min. around 12:30 last night and counted ten. I was gonna go out around three or so this morning, but I just couldn’t drag myself outside. It was nice and cool and felt like fall in the air. Tonight should be better with Sunday night being the best.


  2. Damn, Look what the cat drug in…

    I am still suffering the heat exhaustion. I tried to mow yesterday and 5 minutes had me down. I am not nauseous any more, thank goodness.

    I might try to watch some of the fireworks, but last year was such a bust, I’m not sure I’m as excited.


    • The moon was the reason for the bust. This year will be like or even better than the year before last. Reports of up to 75 an hour this am between 3-5 . You must have a dark sky. These things come right at you with a few going all the way across the sky. The ones I saw last night were green and only had a couple go all the way. Most look like they are four to five feet long.

      Hope you get to feeling better, “heat” is nothing to mess with.


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