Never, Ever, Utter Their Name

I have written about how Jews have an overwhelming presence in various fields throughout America and the world, while they make up only 2 or 3 percent of our population. I also pointed out that there are far too many representative in our government to be accounted for by their numbers.

How does that happen?

Yeah, you still don’t believe me and you think I’m anti-Semite for calling out the Ashkenazim fake Jews, when they are the truest anti-Semites.


But the truth is that they run things and this ditty proves they run the Near East division of the state department (thanks to aangirfan). However, notice how the woman could not bring herself to call them by their self-proclaimed moniker: Jews.

She simply could not utter the word “Jew”.

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11 thoughts on “Never, Ever, Utter Their Name

    • TDCN,

      Just the Z word? Try the J word and see what that gets you.

      Thanks for the sub, my friend.

      (Note: for some reason my spam filter put your comment in the spam folder. I don’t know why this is happening, but must continue to check it to make sure someone’s comment doesn’t get screened)


  1. That damn spam filter if you comment on more than two or three posts a day it flags you. I wish they would get rid of it.I think that maybe 50% of the comments I make get through….what is the point of a blog if you can’t comment? Death to Akismet 🙂


  2. There is a really old piece of rolled up tree bark somebody had wrote on that said “A bunch of folks is gonna move into Judea and go to calling theirself Jews. But they are liars. Them folks is a bad bunch of people and they’ll steal the pennies off’n a dead man’s eyes. They can’t grow nothin’ the ground is cursed for them, but they like to get into leadership roles and be the big dog daddy. Especially economics, politics, education and religion”. It then went on to say, “Now y’all, I know it’s hard to tell them weeds from the wheat so to speak, ’cause they look so much alike, but let them grow up and then you can tell them apart.” There was a hole in the bark and then seems like it went on to say something I translated to say something like; “Y’all just keep up with ‘um fer me ’cause I’ma comin’ with the Roundup!”…. If’n I ‘member it rite, seems like it didn’t turn out none too good for them folks in the long run….lol


    • Hey Man!

      It is funny. The true Jews have been hijacked by these liars, but they have been embraced by the rest of the world. It seems that most of us cannot distinguish the difference, much less identify the obvious liars, even tho they lie with virtually every breath.

      How you feeling?

      I’ve had heat exhaustion and am still not over it two weeks later.


      • I been having good days and bad days. I am about half the size I was. Other than that, I’m good I rekon…lol.. I hate to hear about the heat exhaustion. You better take care of yourself…you gettin’ to be an old man! Once you have heat exhaustion you never get over it. The least amount of heat will make you sick. Been there, done that and got a tee-shirt…lol.. Tomorrow evening at 6:30 I am gonna meet with the head honcho of the Hardin County K9 search and rescue team. They are training at the city park tomorrow and I am gonna see about me and Jodi joining up. Maybe they ain’t dickheads and I can get along with them!…lol


  3. We need Americans in the government that will put the USA first, last and always and to hell with that SLC that is currently trying to get someone else to bomb Iran.

    Do they even know the word peace?

    I for one, have had enough war to last me for an eternity.


  4. Wow.


    Double wow!

    Just thinking of publicizing this unknown fact on my blog is making me worry anew about the Rahmboites finding me in their databases . . . and dark events beginning around me.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    As usual.



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