7 Out Of 10 “American” Vehicles Are Made Anywhere BUT America

General Motors is becoming China Motors. Forget the spin. The evidence is clear and convincing. Did U.S. taxpayers save GM for China? Listen to the candid comments of GM’s CEO.

There are a few issues in the video that I disagree with, but on the whole, this should be all you need to know about how $8BILLION of your tax dollars has been robbed, since you cannot seem to grasp the other sources of thievery. If you realize that your best jobs are being shipped to China, or that the factories are being sold to Chinese government supported corporations who care nothing for “Free Trade”, maybe you’ll get angry (but I won’t be holding my breath).

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2 thoughts on “7 Out Of 10 “American” Vehicles Are Made Anywhere BUT America

  1. Remember that this is the Chinese Communist Party that runs that country:
    And what about the consequences for the people of China? This is from a recent book on the Cold War by former Air Force Secretary Thomas C. Reed:[3]

    The Great Leap Forward went on for three years. By 1961, China’s rural economy was near collapse.

    Twenty-five years later the U.S. Department of Agriculture concluded that during the Great Leap Forward wheat yields had fallen by 41 percent, oil seed production by 64 percent, and textiles by 50 percent. The pig population had dropped 49 percent, and the population of all draft animals seems to have fallen in half as well.

    The Great Leap Forward was finally stopped in 1961 by Liu Shao-qi, president of the country and Mao’s heir apparent. By then, tens of millions of peasants had died. In 1984, Dr. Judith Bannister [sic] estimated the casualties at “30 million excess deaths during 1958-61.” In 1988, Contemporary Chinese Population concluded that “out of a population of 500 million, there were 19.5 million deaths in the countryside,” a quarter of whom appear to have been “useless” peasant girls who were allowed to starve or were killed by their parents. Other recent books published in China lump deaths and reductions of births together at around forty million during this period.

    The Black Book of Communism estimates total Chinese deaths due to Mao’s ideology, from his accession to power in 1949 to his death in 1976, at between 45 and 72 million people.



  2. I dont see any 87′ chevy, ford or dodge pickups out there…but plenty of Toyotas. Mine has over 335,000…Of course the only things I havent replaced are the carb(yeah right, a carborator!!), the brake booster and the brake lines…Cars dont have to be built by NASA to get you from point A to point B…Mine has no engine computer, just a small smog comp.
    Remember distribitors?? I still have one!! You cant run these new earthships on propane either…you cant do anything to them, by the way!! Check out Gotpropane.com…


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