The Drug War Is A War On Blacks, Hispanics And Poor Whites

“Don’t ever think it’s a war on drugs. It’s a war on the blacks. It started as a war on the blacks and it’s now spread to Hispanics and poor whites… it was designed to take that energy coming out of the civil rights movement and destroy it,”

~ Ed Burns, co creator of The Wire

I found long ago that the deck is stacked against black folks. The inner cities have almost nothing to offer kids, so they turn to the one thing that can make them money. This isn’t a “black thing” (white, rich bastards accuse blacks of this because they just can’t stop… “it is their nature”). I say bullshit. It is purposefully done to keep them under control. I know white folks that say its all their fault because they won’t leave, but I have asked in return, what else are they supposed to do? There is no opportunity. Most can’t go to college and at this point, even if they do, what will it get them?

Of course, now, it includes Hispanics and the poor whites. The color no longer really matters. This is why I keep saying that blacks and whites need to stop the bullshit accusations against each other and understand that the divide is a ploy to keep us in this state of poverty and angst. The ones controlling this country know what they are doing and we keep falling for their lies. One of the smartest black men I know was once a friend and I linked to him here for years. But he fell for it, too.

My good buddy, Mo, knows better. He and I are friends and we can talk (even tho he is black as black can be and I am white as white can be). We were able to overcome the lies. As different as we are, we see the ultimate goal as reconciliation and friendship.

The more we, as poor folks, keep at each other, the more the rich thieves dominate, swindle and steal… enriching themselves and keeping us from any decent living and way of life.

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12 thoughts on “The Drug War Is A War On Blacks, Hispanics And Poor Whites

  1. You’re doing a real service spreading films like this around. Too bad we have to depend on Al Jazeera and the alternative media for such revelations.


  2. There is another group of people that has always been ridiculed and even slaughtered without any remorse . My ancestors~Native Americans. Most live in worse conditions than any other ethnic group in America. But it is their own fault…They are all savages and alcoholics anyway. Just like the blacks, Hispanics and poor whites are all drug addicts because of their own devices…..


    • This is true. Indians have gotten screwed more than anyone in American history.

      On another note: Forbes recently released their list of American Billionaires. It was somewhere around 400 or so. As I understand it, almost half are Jewish, yet Jews supposedly make up only around 2% of the US population.

      Very telling, indeed.


  3. Excellent article Buelah.


    Also reason why Blacks,Hispanics and Poor Whites are poor is:

    The Quality of Education which is in the Toliet.

    Which is meant to be and done by design by the Zionist/Jews.

    All you learn when you go to a Government School is how to be nice obedient slaves to your Zionist Masters


    To be Divided into Divisions which is Cliques.

    You’ll never taught how to think

    You’ll never taught how to program thru hypnosis for sucess.

    You’ll never taught to plant a garden.

    And a lot of other life skills you need to know


    • I have learned the hard way that: “You are only as intelligent as where you are standing at any particular time.” I can post some things that I am sure you would be dumb as a dirt about, and I am sure you could do the same to me. However; I agree with you about the “cliques”. And the propaganda schools we have now. I know several people with what is considered no formal education other than living life itself that were very successful. But; exactly what is successful? Everybody has a different opinion on that. Personal responsibility and the right frame of mind fits in there somewhere. To many people depend on the education system to teach their children everything. If they are not learning what that they should, then it is the parents job to see that they learn it. Either by demanding the offending educators take a hike and get some that will teach them, or teach them themselves.


    • I have learned far more on my own, than anything I ever learned in school. Most that know me, including Korn Likker (I graduated high school with him in ’79) knows I read voraciously. I study shit until it blurs my eyes, trying to understand every nuance. None of this was taught me in school. Even back in the 70’s, they didn’t want critical thinkers. I have a 8 year old and it is far worse. Luckily, my little girl has me to teach her how to think… how to question everything.


  4. Thanks for giving an honest look at the true make-up of this decieved society. If people would only slow down and stay out of denial they’ll realize that truth is not toxic, it’s just harsh but it is medicine for the soul. We non-rich people need to come together and shatter this sordid illusion force upon us.
    Thank you Buelahman for all your articles and posts. Much love to you!


  5. Don’t forget all the businesses that use slave/prison labour now! And the industries of the prison trade ~ counselors, linens, guards, all those support industries of the system, growths.


    • Korn Likker and my hometown newspaper featured an article last week about the new jail system they built last year. The sheriff was bragging about the money they get, hence “save” local businesses by using the prison labor.

      He went on to say, yes, the economy is bad and people need work, but the businesses are saving money by using the slaves.

      It is despicable and causes me to want to write that rag and tell them.


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