The RNC Sheople

RNC should mean “Really, Nobody Cares”

But apparently there are certain powers (some might insist that it is “Jewish” powers) that have hijacked any semblence of free elections. Just look at what is said in a “prayer” and by whom… don’t forget to pay attention to the biggest applause getting lines of a “prayer”:

h/t commenter virtual virgil at Kenny’s Sideshow

(BTW: one needs to read Kenny’s entire post for it relates Mitt’s Beanie cap wearing to his desire to continue “Jewish” control of America via Mormon idiotology)

American sheople watched this on TV (h/t DProgram):

From a commenter at the above video: This a video of the death of the GOP. Now that the party is no longer conservative, constitutional, or supports freedom…….the true conservatives, who are not warmongers, dont support the mega bank criminals, the people on wall street and care about the rights of the citizen, will leave the GOP. Time for a political party that is not “owned” by the elites.

What a dreamer. For God’s sake, if they didn’t know this before now, they have no intellect or discernment.

Really, only the Ron Paul sycophants care. You would think that America would be pissed, but they aren’t. The truth is, that even if America cared about Grampa Ron and elected him, they would be ushering in the same old austerity that Romney/Ryan or Obama/Whomever will usher in. The problem is that the Paultards are too stupid to realize this.

Truly, the whole thing is a parody unto itself. Which brings me to what I wish really happened:

Jeb Bush Warns RNC Attendees Of Bad Cialis Going Around Parking Lot

TAMPA, FL—According to sources on the floor of the Republican National Convention, former Florida governor Jeb Bush made his way through the crowd Wednesday afternoon to spread the word about a bad batch of Cialis that some guys were trying to sell out in the parking lot. “Don’t waste your money on any of that stuff they’re hawking out there,” said Bush, who reportedly took John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Newt Gingrich aside to emphasize that the pills were “really weak shit.” “You get your hopes up. You think, ‘Wow, $35 Cialis?’ But it’s bunk. If you want the good stuff, you gotta pay for it.” At press time, Bush was again making the rounds to inform everyone the Levitra he had acquired from a guy backstage had turned out to be “absolutely primo.”

BREAKING: John McCain Just Blew His Brains Out During RNC Speech

Senator Had Been Depressed About Current State Of GOP, Career

TAMPA, FL—Republican National Convention officials are confirming that John McCain, the five-term senator from Arizona and former presidential nominee, has just shot and killed himself during his address to GOP delegates.

McCain—who at various points during his speech seemed out of sorts and apparently went off prompter to ask the assembled crowd, “What has this party become? What have I become?”—reportedly pulled out a .22-caliber Magnum revolver from his jacket pocket, held it to his head, stared unblinkingly at the crowd, and pulled the trigger, sending frightened attendees into a chaotic frenzy and his own limp body to the ground…

Read the rest here.

Republican National Convention Day 2

h/t The Onion

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5 thoughts on “The RNC Sheople

  1. I won’t repeat what I said to my wife during McCain’s speech but it wasn’t far off from the Onion. If ever there was a walking undead zombie traitor, it is him.


  2. Since the neocon Republicans chose to become accomplices and/or simple justice obstructionists into the 911 false flag criminal mass murder and crimes derived therefrom, they have fallen further and further down the rabbit hole. Their fascist display wreaks.
    They had the chance to show some decency, but failed and now they lurch like a rabid velociraptor caught in a net.
    McCain is pitiful. Pathetic, corrupt, criminal in intent.
    We hear the final shrieks of a baby tyrannosaurus rex, put on prozoc to muffle his innerfelt torture long ago.
    He needs to come out of the closet, for his lover, Lindsay Graham, awaits his wizened white thighs.
    Truly other worldly. The death of a political party. Only Diebold can save them now.
    It is a joyous day, indeed.
    Now, on to the psychotropically corrupt Democrats. For they too have cysts in their temporal lobes of a slightly different type.


  3. The rest of the bullshit during the RNC circle jerk I could care less about. But, I’m all in for the Nugent gator shoot and oil drum BBQ! Sounds like a real hoot to me!…..lmao


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