B’Man Revolt TV Page Updated (Now Highlighting The Jew World Order)

Check out the update/cleanup/new additions to the B’Man Revolt TV Page

Pay particular mind to the newest videos at top and the ones pointing to my Youtube channel. The biggest hitter is “Auschwitz: Surprising Hidden Truth“.

Yes, this subject is one of the most controversial I have ever approached and researched. The reactionary response is to call me an anti-Semite, simply because I question the physical impossibility of the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz. As an after effect of this intense research that I started back in Jan of this year, I have come to the conclusion that the Nazis NEVER had gas chambers at any concentration camp.

Were there deaths? Of course, but none were by gas chamber.

Am I a Hitler worshiper? No. But I do see that Hitler was one of the few people in the world at that time that understood the stranglehold that Jews had on the world. I also understand that Germany implemented a Usury free monetary policy, which deprived the controlling financial Jews of their absolute power, which, of course, is MONEY. It also spurred the world’s fastest revival out of poverty ever seen before. The Jews hated that and declared war on Germany for it.

Look at what happened to some of our leaders that tried the same thing. Lincoln implemented Green backs…. Dead. Kennedy had interest free notes issued… DEAD. They tried to kill Truman in 1947.

Like Les Visible wrote a while back, The Terrible Specter of the Dreadful Few, Snordelhans has since published a video of the same name, in which the Chosen Ones are called out for what they have done and a challenge is presented to those who react with name-calling, asking to prove the statements incorrect (which, to this point, I have not heard a decent argument against).

So, the challenge is extended to those who view this site. Prove me/Les/Snordelhans wrong.

And if you believe that this is simply the tired old canard of being an anti-Semite (a racist, hate-monger, Nazi, supremicist, whatever), you must understand that I don’t hate any Jew (whether a real Semite or not). I hate what Jewish control has done to this country and the world. I hate Usury and the monetary system (invented and controlled by Jews). I hate that Jews (2% of the population) control America, the media, and the politicians. I hate that Jews have invented/implemented the Patriot Act, the Dept of Homeland Security, TSA and other liberty-infringing government entities. I hate that Jews are allowed to preach their hateful, self-imagined superiority against all that are not Jews (they call Goyim), but when addressed, become the victims. I hate that their entire history has shown that they rule this way and so many years, they are taken to task for their behavior.

No, I don’t hate all Jews. I don’t hate any individual. But I sure as hell dislike the decent Jews that don’t stop the thugs that use them and us to further their world domination agenda. But more than anything else, I am pissed at Christians that back their and my own demise, as they fall over themselves defending the anti-Christ and the members of the Synagogue of Satan (Khazar Jews).

Les Visible writes a great piece (Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC.) explaining this and I must share portions here:

It is ludicrous to say every Jew on the planet is an abomination. I understand they have been kicked out of every country in the world at least once, even though it wasn’t every country in the world. I know how that makes it look but that is the proof in the pudding that appearances are deceptive. Things are almost never what they seem to be, simply because they are incomplete.

I’m sick and tired of anonymous, coming around here nearly every day, telling me that Jews are 100% bad across the board because they are not. You make me look bad because I hate to censor anyone but nearly all of you are anonymous. I don’t know anyone around like myself, who goes chapter and verse about what I believe, concerning what certain Jews have been up to and I use my real name. My name is Les Visible but some people keep pointing out that I am hiding behind a pseudonym. I put my ass on the line, to say certain things but I make damn sure I know my limitation whereof I speak.

I am begging the reader’s indulgence and that they wait until we all know the truth unequivocally, before we state unequivocally anything we insist is true when we just don’t know. I try very hard to say only what I am relatively certain is so and to state that I do not know when I don’t know. You don’t know who I am and neither do I but I do know some things about myself and what little I do know demands that I state only what I know. I know that Israel did 9/11 ( there’s all the proof in the world), with the help of compromised, intelligence agencies and high ranking, political, murder junkies, especially including a particular Vice-President, whose own heart keeps attacking him due to it’s discomfort over its residence.

You know what happens when we assert that things are a certain way without exception? We become witch burners and inquisitors. The biggest murderers the world has ever known, have all been social reformers. Look it up. I’m not your research assistant.

Maybe I am wrong about this but I would prefer to be wrong and later proven to be right or wrong, rather than to insist that I am right and to later be proven wrong. I am open to changing my mind and to publicly accept that and to admit I am wrong and to change my mind in front of everyone. I’ve done this before. There’s no shame in being wrong. There is all kinds of shame in not being capable of admitting it, or not making it clear that you are willing to be wrong and having the class and balls to say so, when the occasion requires it.

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2 thoughts on “B’Man Revolt TV Page Updated (Now Highlighting The Jew World Order)

  1. Bang the drum slowly…

    PLAY THE TRUMPET ON THE MOUNTAIN TOP…..hate the evil love the good

    Kennysideshow has a really good question for all….Where do we go from here ?

    …can we find the breadcrumb trail from whence we came…?

    I mean we didn’t all come over on the Mayflower….but we’re all in the same boat now



    we are many and “THEY” are few….


    No one on Earth has to be a “Jewish”..

    …..tough LOVE is hate to those who love a LIE.

    eventually TRUTH will purify the language of the formerly braindeadgoy who used to watch talmudvision….

    …when they were stupid “JEW” worshiping morons who wouldn’t read and THINK….


  2. Brilliant post. The video is excellent. Your words bang on. I will go to sleep now, (it is 3 am) and decide whether it is safe to post this on my own site. As you will see in my last few posts, my country is now Jewish owned and it is illegal to question the subject in question. But, chances are, I will take the gamble anyhow.

    And, Mr. Clifton, I love the quote, “we didn’t all come over on the Mayflower….but we’re all in the same boat now”. My ancestors came to Canada on our equivalent of the Mayflower and this boat is not the same one they arrived in by a long shot!


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