911: Who, What, Why, and How???

What they expect us to believe:

Paul Craig Roberts tells us:

One is that according to the official story, a handful of Arabs, mainly Saudi Arabians, operating independently of any government and competent intelligence service, men without James Bond and V for Vendetta capabilities, outwitted not only the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency, but all 16 US intelligence agencies, along with all security agencies of America’s NATO allies and Israel’s Mossad. Not only did the entire intelligence forces of the Western world fail, but on the morning of the attack the entire apparatus of the National Security State simultaneously failed. Airport security failed four times in one hour. NORAD failed. Air Traffic Control failed. The US Air Force failed. The National Security Council failed. Dick Cheney failed. Absolutely nothing worked. The world’s only superpower was helpless at the humiliating mercy of a few undistinguished Arabs.

It is hard to image a more far-fetched story–except for the second thing you need to know: The humiliating failure of US National Security did not result in immediate demands from the President of the United States, from Congress, from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and from the media for an investigation of how such improbable total failure could have occurred. No one was held accountable for the greatest failure of national security in world history. Instead, the White House dragged its feet for a year resisting any investigation until the persistent demands from 9/11 families for accountability forced President George W. Bush to appoint a political commission, devoid of any experts, to hold a pretend investigation.

Who REALLY did it:

Even the earliest media reports knew, but have been removed since:

Even the Devil, himself, (plus the devil’s relatives) was complicit.


Several simultaneous reasons

Trauma-based Mind-control

John Friend explains that one purpose is to gain control of the world’s minds by inflicting trauma on a mass scale, in order to bring us around to supporting the Empire’s goals (also know as Zionism’s goals):

There is no doubt that 9/11 was a trauma-based mind control operation on a societal scale. Think about it: (fake) images of “hijacked” airliners full of innocent Americans smashing into the iconic World Trade Center towers in New York City were shown repeatedly on television, over and over again, to a traumatized public. Media personalities, politicians, and others provided emotional (scripted) commentary of the day’s events, immediately identifying the culprits patsies: Osama bin Laden, Muslim extremists, and that evil boogey-man,”al-Qaeda”. World Trade Center “victims” were shown jumping out of the buildings due to the fires, all shown on television to a terrified and vulnerable audience. “Victim” family members stepped forward to explain the alleged phone calls made by various “victims” on the hijacked airliners. 9/11 was a day full of trauma, both physical and psychological. We know individuals and societies are more easily controlled and manipulated when they are in a traumatized state.

Believe it or not, the events of 9/11 appear to have been a completely scripted and staged psychological operation, involving fake videos, manufactured “victims”, projected images, fabricated evidence, and scripted witnesses, media personalities, and “actors”…

9/11 was a PSYOP not only on the American public, but the entire world.  Israel and international Jewry, along with their goyim puppets in the Jew-run United States government, perpetrated this massive fraud against the world 11 years ago today in order to demonize Islam, launch the fraudulent “Global War on Terror” against Israel’s Muslim enemies in the Middle East, and initiate their Zionist-run police state tyranny in the United States and other Western countries.  It is past time for the American public to wake up from this trauma-based mind control operation and recognize that Israel was behind 9/11, not Osama bin Laden and “Muslim extremists”.  Anyone saying anything to the contrary is working for the enemy, knowingly or unknowingly. All politicians and media personalities covering up this massive fraud, which has led to the murder and destruction of millions around the world, is a traitor. Those refusing to recognize 9/11 for what is really was and remains are as guilty as the Jews who planned, executed, and benefitted from it, period.

Again, Mr Roberts clues us in to at least one aspect of “why”:

The circumstantial evidence is that these were orchestrated events designed to keep fear alive, to create new intrusive powers for a new over-arching federal policy agency, to accustom US citizens to intrusive searches and a police force to conducting them, and to sell expensive porno-scanners and now more advanced devices to the Transportation Safety Administration. Apparently, this expensive collection of high-tech gadgetry is insufficient to protect us from terrorists, and in August 2012 the Department of Homeland Security put in an order for 750 million rounds of ammunition, enough to shoot every person in the US 2.5 times.

Everything Happening Now Was Planned Before 911


Here is where I don’t have the total answer and where psyops has done its best to keep truth seekers at each others throats and provides a distraction from examining the actual culprits. Obviously, if it took airplanes to bring down the two skyscrapers, what explains the third building that collapsed at free-fall speed? Larry Silverstein said to “pull it” (who gave him the power to make that directive???). Any way you look at WTC7, it was obviously a controlled demolition.

So, if one building was rigged for demolition that day, ALL buildings were rigged for demolition that day.

Does it matter if it was explosives, nano-thermite/thermate, nukes or some other exotic means (or some combination of them all)? Maybe to a certain extent. But, it is clear that they were brought down with some sort of energy other than fire or plane strikes. This, in and of itself should cause Americans to FORCE a real, unbiased, government-free investigation.

One can spend countless hours looking at videos and reports made that suggest that no planes were used and were added to videos/feeds (John Friend has a post up describing that theory).

Many of us have, in fact, spent hundreds of hours looking into this, what I call the “Nut-cuttin’ issue” of our day. Kenny at Kenny’s Sideshow puts it this way:

Some of us over the last 11 years have read what seems like a million words, watched hundreds of videos, studied thousands of images, posted and re-posted things we felt were relevant, made comments all over the internet, gained friends and allies, made enemies, got ridiculed and called names, evolved in our thinking, picked flyspecks out of pepper, waded through the muck of disinformation, debated and argued the hows, watched as the trolls and paid provocateurs came around to infiltrate the narrative, became frustrated, exhilarated, encouraged and discouraged and never once thought of giving up. We never made a nickel out of it. Our schooling didn’t get us a degree. We did it because we had to. We had no choice. When we were told ‘you are with us or you are against us,’ we chose the against side. It was the side of right, not might.  We may not be the brightest light bulb around but we haven’t burnt out yet. We continue just because someone has to and we aren’t afraid.

I have put up video after video of experts that question virtually everything about that day from a technical aspect (altho they don’t go into “who” did it, which was Israel with a little help from their neo-con, Zionist, …many dual citizens… cabal). All one really has to do is compare known building demolitions to what happened on the fateful day, just as Greg Bacon has done at Goon Squad (another excellent source for studying this subject)

Is it necessary to know the whole truth at this point? I wish. But, as Les Visible puts it, it is more important to know the extent of the lies:

Heretic Productions present; Les Visible’s, 9/11 Is the LitmusTest
Video Sequence by: Arbogast99; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMAFvKJvwMc

Smoking Mirrors at: http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/2008/02/911-is-litmus-test.html

There is one thing that defines everyone over the course of these early years of this new century. That thing is the 9/11 attack. Everyone in government and every field of endeavor the world over is defined by their position on this event. It is not necessary to know the truth. It is only necessary to know the extent of the lies in order to define any leader in any position anywhere in the world. By what they have said and by what they have not said, one can accurately judge who is an enemy of the people’s of the world. One can accurately determine who is a tool of the psychopaths or one of them.


I understand that many of the videos I have added or linked to are “old hat” to many regulars. But, it is important for any new folks to this subject to understand what they are really dealing with. If interested, please check out my extensive coverage of 911 by seeing my 911 Archives.

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11 thoughts on “911: Who, What, Why, and How???

  1. The following unanswered questions are posed by James Corbett (and no, they are not exhaustive, but are some of the most obvious ones). You can find this post at his blog (http://www.corbettreport.com/the-unanswered-questions-of-911/):

    The questions of 9/11 have only continued to pile up higher since that fateful day, and despite official platitudes we are no closer to having those questions answered today then we were when they first arose. In fact, for some of the most important 9/11 questions, the government’s own documents and records that could conceivably answered them have been destroyed, meaning we may never have answers.

    The unanswered questions of 9/11 are too numerous to enumerate, but they include:

    -Why has NIST classified the data that they used to make their computer animation of the WTC7 collapse? Would knowledge of how NIST believes the building collapsed really “jeopardize public safety“?

    -Why did the DIA destroy more than 2.5 terabytes of data on their Able Danger investigation that reportedly identified four of the alleged hijackers years in advance of the attack? Why did the Pentagon buy up and burn the entire first print run of Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer’s book on the program?

    -Why did the SEC destroy their records on the 9/11 insider trading question, presumably the most important investigation in the agency’s history?

    -Why did the alleged “mastermind” of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, confess not only to plotting 9/11 “from A to Z” but also confess to masterminding numerous crimes that he could not have committed?

    -Why did Osama bin Laden repeatedly deny any involvement in the attacks until a series of mistranslated and otherwise manipulated videos came along appearing to portray him as taking credit for those attacks?

    -Why was the report of US State Department official Frank Taylor supposedly proving the case for Al Qaeda’s role in 9/11, which NATO used to justify its invasion of Afghanistan, presented in a classified briefing? Why is that report still classified to this day?

    -Why did the 9/11 commission rely so heavily on the confessions extracted through torture which even the Senate’s Armed Services committee points out is specifically used to extract false confessions?

    -Why did the CIA destroy 92 videotapes of their illegal torture sessions after being specifically ordered by a court not to do so? Why did the courts eventually absolve the CIA of any culpability for this crime?

    -Why did Donald Rumsfeld announce a new “war” on September 10, 2001? What was the reason for the 2.3 trillion missing dollars which the Pentagon had lost up until that point, what did Rumsfeld’s “war on bureaucracy” hope to achieve, how was that “war” hindered when the budget analyst office in the Pentagon was destroyed the following morning, and where are the public records into this accounting scandal?

    -Why did Rumsfeld go into a regularly scheduled meeting with a CIA officer in his office on the morning of 9/11, after both of the Twin Towers had been struck by airplanes and it had been determined that “America was under attack.” Why did the highest ranking official in the US military remain in that meeting and unavailable for contact even by his highest staff members as the worst attack on US soil in history continued to unfold? Why did he suddenly come out for a photo op on the Pentalawn after the explosion instead of helping to coordinate the defense of the nation?

    -Why is there such a massive discrepancy between the 9/11 commission’s official finding of the time of entry of Dick Cheney into the Presidential Emergency Operation Center on the morning of 9/11 and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta’s testimony of the timing of that arrival?

    -Why did the US government contract with Ptech, an enterprise architecture software firm, to install its backdoor access software on some of the most sensitive databases in the US government? Why did they continue to use Ptech even after it was discovered that its sweetheart investor was a specially designated global terrorist on the Treasury’s own terror list? Why did they declare that there was nothing untoward in the software mere hours after raiding Ptech’s offices in 2002? And what was Ptech doing in the basement of the Pentagon on 9/11? What interoperability tests was it running on the link between FAA and NORAD systems on 9/11, and how did that interfere with the FAA and NORAD’s response?

    -And, perhaps most tellingly of all, how did four highjacked aircraft fly so wildly off course for such lengthy periods of time without being confronted by a single fighter interceptor, and why did the Pentagon admittedly and on the record lie to the American public about the timing of its response that day?


  2. That’s a very powerful and persuasive collection of videos that you have assembled. Any one of them destroys the story upon which our current perpetual warfare state rests. None of them makes the absolutely best case one can make against the Osama-did-it thesis, though. That is that the plan they say he concocted depended completely for its success upon the complete incompetence of our air defense command, not to mention of our airport and airplane security system and an unbelievable level of docility among the passengers and crew of the airplanes. How could one possibly plan for such things in advance? And why would you plan something that on its face has no chance to succeed? That is the main point of my satire, “Bin Laden’s Home Video” at http://www.dcdave.com/article4/011216.html.

    But what the heck, they have the power and we don’t. See http://www.dcdave.com/poet4/p071998b.html .


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