Corn-Holing America

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The fact is that hemp is a far better fuel source than corn will ever be. If the government is going to subsidize anything, it should be hemp.

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Kentucky has the right approach:

Credit Jack Brammer / Lexington Herald LeaderKentucky Sen. Rand Paul voiced his support Thursday for legalizing industrial hemp. He backs Agriculture Commissioner James Comer efforts.

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer says he is restarting the long-dormant Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission. The General Assembly created the commission ten years ago to look into hemp’s potential in the commonwealth, but it has never met. This morning, Comer announced that he is reforming the commission and, per state law, he will be the chairman.

“Kentucky has the perfect soil and climate to be the nation’s top producer of industrial hemp. Studies have shown that hemp could be at least the 3rd most profitable crop in Kentucky and our farmers could capture the lion’s share of the industry,” he says.

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3 thoughts on “Corn-Holing America

    • Yes, Anderson “Corn-holio” Cooper contends that working for the CIA is basically the same as waiting tables. Just something that young, dumb and full of C(um)IA kids do on a lark.


  1. wow…this might be TMI for the average braindeadgoy…but the purty pictures will hulp the terminally stupid….how corn holing is very unhealthy

    is slow assisted suicide a better option for the hostages in the cult compound…?

    Can Chicken Man fly the coop and get out to save the internees…?

    will fema guards turn on the hand that feeds them…steroids?

    you lend new meaning to GRAPHICS….ADM – CARGILL – CONAGRA

    the spray paint on the wall is spinning in infinity….boy what a bubble

    [USDA] *90% of corn produced in America in 1960 was hybrid….

    i be gwine an axe Kenny where we go from here…


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