Al Qaeda = Roosting Chickens or False Flag Event?

How is it that we were all asked to fear the Al Qaeda boogeymen, spent all this money and lives trying to kill them all, but we now support them with arms, money and support when it suits our corrupt Government’s needs?

Now, we find that installing our enemies as representatives of US Interests comes at a cost (something a few non-brain-dead Americans have grasped since we began this hegemonic rampage in the Middle East). Do you think that when this witch said this, that some chickens might not come home for roosting?

What a horrendous hag.

Speaking of hags:

Sam Bacile… spent $5M to make a movie that was shown to an almost empty theater that no one can find. He had 100 investors no one can confirm and 70 or so actors, hands to make this “film”. And Israel says that there is no Sam Bacile from there (as if Israel would never lie). A consultant for the film doesn’t even know who Sammy is. yet he is speaking for the film:

“I don’t know that much about him. I met him, I spoke to him for an hour. He’s not Israeli, no. I can tell you this for sure, the State of Israel is not involved, Terry Jones (the radical Christian Quran-burning pastor) is not involved. His name is a pseudonym. All these Middle Eastern folks I work with have pseudonyms. I doubt he’s Jewish. I would suspect this is a disinformation campaign.”

Hags Abound

Maybe it was “Dr”/”pastor”/”agent” Terry Jones? Does he work for Mossad and/or the CIA as Gordon Duff suggests? Stands to reason with me.

Gordon gives several reasons why they might have conducted this false flag. I dunno. But I do know that the liars that speak to us from high places in government and lapdog media giving us answers cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

I don’t know, but just maybe its the Zionists, Stupid.

h/t two stories from Veteran’s Today – Gordon Duff and Kevin Barrett

With my recent studies into the Talmud (which gives me greater understanding of the Jew mindset, even those who are not actively religious), I would have to say that the real cancer is that book, which is instrumental in most of the world’s woes. It taints the Jew mind into a false superiority, that very few can shirk as they mature. But, our government needs another boogie man to blame, for they will never admit that Talmudism is the cause. So, they bring out the tired, old, Al Qaeda yarn because it has worked on Americans this long and so well.

What if they had not instrumentally dismantled Libya, using Al Qaeda in the first place? Would Gaddafi allowed anything like this? Of course not.

It is all being done to manipulate American minds into supporting the Zionist expansion/control, by making Islam a boogey man that needs to be killed. It is too bad that we don’t see the real monsters and fall for the trick EVERY time.

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16 thoughts on “Al Qaeda = Roosting Chickens or False Flag Event?

  1. This is a set up, a FALSE FLAG to get Americans psyched up and scared so we”ll bomb and destroy another country for the psychos running Israel.



  2. meanwhile in Jewtopia Melikowsky still has not rec’d his rabies shots and is {still} foaming at the mouth…

    the same Jesus hating TALMUDIC terrorists print the currency, OWN the media and operate a kosher brothel..

    .which leads thinking people to conclude that Americans should develope a NEW WORD to describe their truth and Justice hating enemies and stop calling it OUR GOVERNMENT….

    a cabal of perverts that foments global economic{spiritual} misery and has yet to make a mistake in favor of its citizens…who are not “Jewish”…



  3. Very informative, but when I saw the headline I thought it might be about the latest attacks on our diplomats in Libya. Was that a false flag to continue to stir up hatred between us and the Islamic world, orchestrated by you-know-who?


    • Close, Dave…but movie was made by jews and used to piss off the regular people, muslims, and get them to attack the USA…worked pretty good too!!!!
      You say, but why??? ARF…Nett’nyahoo is just a little pissed at no attack on Iran yet or in the near future and is under pressure at home to stay in power…the jews even want him out before they get there ass’s handed to them…What you see here is a mini 9/11 all over again…Drag the USA into war on isreal’s neighborer’s so isreal can expand and proffit…
      Just another attack on AMERICA by isreal…USS Liberty?? 9/11?? and who knows how many others…I keep hearing about muslim fighters here in the USA…OOOOOO!!! scare the sleeping peep’s(made that up myself,Bman LOL) but Im leaning to one whole hell of alot more mossad agents in the USA with no good in there hearts!!!


    • So far, it looks like some sort of psyops to me. The guy is not Jewish, but Coptic christian. It reeks because the nutbag from Florida is involved.

      Videorebel thinks that it will also affect Obama negatively, ensuring Romney win (he has been selected by the Jews) and that Obama has outlasted his usefulness, that is until the race riots ensue, which was the key reason for the first black president, to begin with.

      How far off is he?


      • Ive read that he does not exist at all…a ghost and the money trail leads right back to you know who…I see actual disgust in obamas and hilarys face, A FIRST!!!…had no idea this was up and not real happy about it, or should I say, pissed off about it…it just rehashes obamas Libyan mess and he will be gone if he starts another war…USA’s become numb to this kind of crap…and will forget about it in a week…


      • Isnt the first thing in pysops…hide the real doers?? Im seeing way to much info on this guy, his whole life story…
        Me thinks they protest to much!!!!


  4. Hey ya Bman….It’s AL CIA DUH!!! the world has gone insane, up is down, black is white…
    Just goes to show how many stupid’s we got here in the USA to let these people get away with such crap!!! INSANE!!!
    But only takes a split second for these sleeping peep’s to wake up, when there lazy lifes are interupted….


  5. Where were the Marines that normally guard our Embassies? especially those in such places that are torn asunder and run by terrorist allies of ours? Do you think this may have been orchestrated?

    Does this make Romney look better? Netanfullofyahoo wants Romney as the next POTUS, for Romney will do the bidding of Israel and Obama can be used to instigate the coming race wars here.

    As ARF pointed out, it looks like the Obamas have already purchased a multimillion dollar home in Hawaii, where his mother-in-law is already telling people they will be living there come Jan 2013.


    • YEAH!!! they could have owned the street with one M-60!! This, like all things these days, STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!
      I have given up on the blame game and concider all this crap, just down right EVIL!!! I just wonder what peace feels like???


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