Freaky Sex Friday: The System Is Being Used To Screw Us

The Terror War is not an event, or a campaign, or even a crusade; it is a system. Its purpose is not to eliminate “terrorism” (however this infinitely elastic term is defined) but to perpetuate itself, to do what it does: make war. This system can be immensely rewarding, in many different ways, for those who operate or assist it, whether in government, media, academia, or business. This too is a self-sustaining dynamic, a feedback loop that gives money, power and attention to those who serve the system; this elevated position then allows them to accrue even more money, power and attention, until in the end — as we can plainly see today — any alternative voices and viewpoints are relegated to the margins. They are “unserious.” They are unimportant. They are not allowed to penetrate or alter the operations of the system.

From Chris Floyd’s latest piece (quoted from an earlier article)

How much money is to be spent on these lies?

Answer: ALL OF IT

Obviously, we are being taken for everything we have as a nation (the world, for that matter). I have said many times that they are making a last-ditch effort to take it all and put all of us poor folks in indebted service to their superior ways of thinking/leadership. Dr Paul Craig Roberts shared a graphic that tells us of the intentionally manipulated decline into poverty (taken from Shadowstats).

None of this is new:

It is an age-old story here in America.

I grew up in the 60’s and remember 1967 as one of the worst years of my life. My Dad returned from his first tour of duty in Viet Nam a drunken, callous, murderous fool who turned his back on his two small children and wife, took enough time to kick his wife in the stomach which killed the 8 month old fetus (and almost killed my mother). I was 6 and witnessed this first hand. His drunkenness. His anger. His screaming outrage and finally the kick directly to her stomach.

A pitiful, sniveling drunk, in a rage no child should ever witness, standing over my Mother as she moaned and cried in pain and disbelief, manically smirking at her. I believe to this day that he had every intention of killing both the baby and her. He succeeded in killing my baby brother or sister.

I remember the ambulance coming to get her and wondering if I or my 4 year old sister would be next.

I remember that the Army ignored the reports from the hospital and the several people that contacted them over this attack.

I remember her finally recuperating and finding myself without a Dad and us being forced to move into even MORE squalor than we were already used to (a two room shack with a tin roof), as this “hero” bought himself a brand new Corvette and a new wife many years his younger. I remember the lies he would tell my sister and I, coming up with excuses to cover his alcoholism and the many instances where he promised to come get us and spend time with us. I remember waiting at the school for hours, until dark (I was 7) and he never showed up ( a teacher happened to see me and contact my Mother, who thought my Dad had already picked me up). I remember many times where we had so little food, and NO meat, causing me to be anemic and very, very thin, but good ole Dad was fat, dumb, drunk and happy. I remember the times when he did not send Christmas presents, or even call his kids on Christmas day (which, even to a very small child, would have been the best Christmas present I could have ever gotten). I remember that instead of owning up to his responsibilities, he JUMPED at the chance for us to be adopted by my step-father (which was one of the best things that ever happened to me, as a child).

It was during those times before my step-Dad that we even transcended the chart above, but way to the negative.

The last thing I ever wanted in my life was to go back to those days. That is why I studied so hard… worked so hard… joined the stinking Navy during the huge negative blip in ’82… invested so much money in my education… reinvented myself over and over. I hoped, prayed and worked my ass off to avoid what is happening to the mass of us in America. To no avail.

It is also the key reason why I have had this blog… to try and stop the System before it destroys us all.

I failed.

I am sorry.

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5 thoughts on “Freaky Sex Friday: The System Is Being Used To Screw Us

    • Just watching the people of the mid east rising up against the machne….When this goes world wide, its good by PTB..
      they will become TPTW..the powers that where…


  1. You did not fail, I promise you that. You are doing the best you can to educate, inform, and bring some light to this mean world. Thank you for all your efforts; they are not in vain.

    Keep up the good fight, and never forget that you are fighting for a better world.


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