Sleeping With The Fishes: The Glenn Miller Story

You can use your imagination and see me playing the trumpet parts, including the 16 bar solo half way thru the song (I played it many, many times). I used to play much of Glenn Miller’s songs in a college jazz/lab band. His music was fantastic to listen to, but even more fun to play. What people don’t remember is that Glenn Miller was the ‘Elvis’ of his day. His band was one of the most popular to hit the scene.

Although I had studied him in the past, until recently, I had no idea that he disappeared under very strange circumstances reminiscent of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, meaning that it was related to WWII and the official story smells like BS.

Lt Col Hunton Downs penned a book on the subject called, “THE GLENN MILLER CONSPIRACY: THE SHOCKING STORY OF HOW HE DIED AND WHY”. Various reviews of this book travel the gambit of theories, but the official one seems unlikely, which is that he took off in a single engine plane and crashed into the English Sound and nobody really cared enough to immediately go look. He, the two with him, nor the plane, were ever seen again. Obviously, this is BS, because Miller was extremely popular, especially since he had joined the Air Force (as a Major) to fight in WWII (making him a hero in many circles), and such an event would be closely monitored by the public. Just like Elvis’ death was covered by media to no end, so should have Miller’s (but you tell me if you even knew HOW he died).

One review basically is cover for the official story, because it tries to make light all the evidence Col Downs presents. And you can only imagine “why” by noticing the site.

Mr Downs Speaks For Himself

Theories abound about what really happened to swing era icon Glenn Miller. The facts, as presented don’t add up, reports went missing and a variety of stories have surfaced. Now, award winning journalist Hunton Downs, Lt. Col, US Army, Ret., who has spent more than 60 years putting together pieces of this puzzle, offers the most definitive – and fascinating – account of this mysterious disappearance.

According to Col Downs, Major Miller was sent to Germany by Generals Bradley and Eisenhower for a secret meeting with Von Rundstedt to end the war sooner (this scheme sounds quite fishy to me), but was betrayed by an allied spy. Miller, being a German speaker, was doing propaganda radio for German officers and civilians (he was hugely popular in Germany before the war, too), trying to convince them to leave the Nazis and/or call for an overthrow of the Nazi regime.Supposedly, Maj Miller was beaten severely, loaded up in a plane and was taken to Paris and dumped at a Prostitution house where some MP’s found him.

Ron Mott’s critique of the book also contains another version, saying that Miller was found in the arms of a French woman and her husband killed him. Supposedly, the grave site that is supposed to entomb Miller is empty.

Another article by Glenn MacDonald at MilitaryCorruption. com delves a but deeper and is worth a read.

The heroic “myth” that Miller’s plane went down in bad weather in the English Channel in December of that fateful year, was born of wartime necessity. The aircraft—a single-engine Norseman—was never found, and although numerous theories have been offered as to what really happened to Alton G. Miller, the epitome of Middle America and “musical magic” of that time, Downs has the most documented findings.

One of the first clues that the “official version” of Miller’s death was wrong—dramatically portrayed by Jimmy Stewart in the great 1950’s movie “The Glenn Miller Story”—was the MACR (Missing Air Crew Report) on file at Maxwell AFB in Alabama since the end of World War II.

Dipping into Scotland Yard, RAF records in England (the “Ansell Report”) and The Imperial War Museum in London, as well as extremely valuable investigative documents discovered by the late Miller researcher Wilbur Wright, Downs discovered the “adjutant’s signature” on the “official” form had been “falsified,” and Miller’s name had been “added to the passenger list” (different typewriters had been used).

“The falsifiers had even gotten destinations wrong, trying to fit in pre-conceived plans of what Supreme Headquarters (Gen. Eisenhower) claimed had taken place,” Downs said.

Please read the entire thing.

Another article at “The Straight Dope” suggests that Miller had a heart attack while messing with the French woman and the Air Force felt it needed to cover that up:

But in 1997, German journalist Udo Ulfkotte came up with another explanation. According to the German tabloid Bild, Ulfkotte had been researching American and German intelligence efforts during the war for a book on German intelligence agencies. Ulfkotte claimed that while going over documents he had obtained from the American government under the Freedom of Information Act, he found evidence that Miller had actually arrived safely in Paris on the 14th, but had a heart attack on the 15th while consorting with a French prostitute, and that the American military had covered up the episode.

A shocking revelation if true. But Ulfkotte later claimed he’d been misquoted. He’d never actually found U.S. documents showing that Miller had died in a whorehouse, he said; rather, he’d been told this story by German intelligence specialists in an off-the-record conversation. So no papers, no proof, just a few old spies spinning stories.

The Bild story also claimed that British diver Clive Ward found the remains of Miller’s Norseman plane off the coast of France in 1985, but that there was no damage and no signs of human remains. Which invites a few questions: if Miller’s death had been faked, and the military had placed the plane there in order to bolster  its story about the “real” cause of Miller’s death, then why didn’t they bother making it look like a wreck? And why leave it sitting there for forty years rather than “find” it after the “crash”? And since Ward stated that there was no registration number on the craft he found, how did he know it was Miller’s plane?

Then there’s the matter of Flight Officer John Morgan and Lt. Col. Norman F. Baessell, who allegedly accompanied Miller on his last flight. What happened to them? Were they just servicemen who had died in the same timeframe and the military was lucky that one of them was a pilot?

Ulfkotte’s tale, if true, would involve a massive conspiracy by a military that was both stunningly incompetent and stunningly lucky.  They found a pilot whose death hadn’t been noted by others; they deposited a plane in the English Channel to act as “evidence” without thinking to damage it or place dead bodies (such as poor F/O John Morgan) in it, but that didn’t matter because it wasn’t found for another forty years; they managed to hush up absolutely everyone involved, from Miller’s manager (who was bumped off the fateful flight so that Miller could take it) to Miller’s band (if Miller had been in Paris, they would have known about it) to everyone who had seen Miller when he left the base (there’s at least one eyewitness who states that Miller left on the flight that crashed) to everyone in the brothel where Miller died to every MP involved in removing his body and guarding the scene. Then, having hushed everyone up, they either wrote it all down for later generations to discover, or at the very least leaked it to some German intelligence agents. Somehow, I doubt it.

For another viewpoint, watch Leonard Nimoy’s episode about it on “In Search Of…”, that is worth viewing.

As I told someone this morning, American History has ALWAYS been tainted. It wasn’t wonderful truths before WWII and it sure as hell isn’t anything but lies and misinformation now. Why wouldn’t the “official story” regarding Miller be any different that the lies surrounding the death of Earhart, James Forrestal, or JFK for that matter?

Maybe Major Miller had found out certain details about the war, such as the fact that Hitler never wanted war and tried everything in his power to NOT go to war, but was forced into it by the leaders of America and England (and the monstrous Poles and Soviets). Perhaps he did meet with the Germans, trying to shorten the war, only to have been killed by our folks because the Germans would have easily stopped the war (and the last thing that the leaders wanted was the war to stop).

The issues about a bomb accidentally dropping on them from an allied bomber, causing them to go down or the thing about French whores just don’t cut the mustard with me.

I have asked some of my most trustworthy sources the following (and ask the same of you): What do you know about this? Do you know anyone that has approached this subject?

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping With The Fishes: The Glenn Miller Story

  1. It’s coming back to me now. I saw “The Glenn Miller Story” with James Stewart as Miller when it came out in 1954. I think I cried at the end when he died in that plane crash while on his way to entertain the troops in France. I certainly had no reason to doubt any of it; I was eleven years old. It strikes me that the government and the press haven’t stopped telling stories that are fit to be believed mainly by eleven-year-olds and younger.


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