B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Iran versus Israel and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Know the hypocrisy regarding Iran’s agreement/participation in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and Israel’s downright denials.

Who is the problem here? Iran or Israel?

If you still support the criminal regime in Israel and believe the lies told you regarding Iran, you are part of the problem. The very basic fact contained in this video should be all you need to know regarding who the real problem is in this world (and it sure as hell isn’t Iran). If Israel was genuine, they would sign the same non-proliferation treaty that Iran signed. But not only will they NOT sign it, they stole the technology from us and thumb their noses at anyone who calls them out for their obfuscation and obvious lies.

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One thought on “B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: Iran versus Israel and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

  1. . “Who came up with these ideas?

    I don’t know,” said Senator “JEWISH TERRORIST” Dianne Finestein, at the Abuse Hearings. Really, Mrs. Goldman/Finestein, of course you know.

    . . . . . How on earth could an idiot girl from West Virginia, and an equally deranged, smirking, troop of male GIs formulate such ingenious methods of interrogation? Well, they didn’t.

    . . . . . How do I know this? How can I speak with such confidence? I know because a giant of a man gave me his books. Issa Nakhleh, of blessed memory, I salute you, and I am, forever grateful for your gift to us all. The following records are from The Encyclopedia of the Palestinian Problem, chapters twenty two – twenty five.

    Pg. 614, “Israeli women were brought in to play with prisoners’ sex organs as an act of humiliation.”
    YPg. 605, “Another method was for the interrogator to rub my genitals with his hand, and also pull them. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to father children because of the treatment they had dealt my genitals.”

    Pg. 597, “They kept torturing me. An interrogator sucked on a cigarette. When it was red, he placed it on my face, chest, and genitals. They were always insulting me, yelling ‘Maniuk’ (faggot) I will fuck you. The torture destroyed my penis and I could only urinate drop by drop.”

    Pg. 597, (another detainee) “Iron balls were put in my scrotum and squeezed against my testicles. Pain just enveloped me.”

    Pg. 596, “Two thin black leads of wire were taped to me. A button on a box switched on the current. It felt as though my bones were being crushed. The most painful was when they attached the wire to my testicles.”

    Pg. 594, “The Russian Compound interrogators in Jerusalem favored assault on the genitals. Over half of the victims were struck in the genitals or in other ways sexually abused.”

    [This page, pg. 594, will go with me to my grave. How these few words of print will affect you I can not say, but I can not forget them.]


    “In Hebron prison the authorities arranged his rape by a prisoner trustee.” “A BALLPOINT REFILL WAS PUSHED INTO HIS PENIS.”
    [This horrid page also tells of a man and his daughter. The father was kept in one room, and beaten, while the girl was nearby.]

    “When they brought him to her she was lying on the floor in blood stained clothes. Her face was blue, her eye black. IN HIS PRESENCE, THEY HELD HER DOWN AND SHOVED A STICK UP HER VAGINA. ONE OF THE INTERROGATORS ORDERED HIM TO F*CK HIS DAUGHTER. WHEN HE REFUSED, THEY BEAT THEM AGAIN. THEY AGAIN SPREAD HER LEGS AND SHOVED THE STICK INTO HER. She was bleeding from the mouth, face and vagina when the father fell unconscious.”


    they need to be finding that oven feeling…

    eckspeschully the Milikowsky Rat faced PUNK….


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