America: This Is Your Life

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9 thoughts on “America: This Is Your Life

  1. I want one because everyone else is getting one. Oh .. and it’s shiny and has a picture of an apple on it.. Go back to sleep America because when you’re awake you annoy the piss out of me. Kinda like ya know like yeah the women in the video like you know. umm


  2. B’man,
    When I write about Americans, their support for endless wars of aggression, their
    mindless stupidity and willful ignorance, this young woman is the very essence of what I’m talking about.


  3. Goddamn haha when I hear truthers going on about revolutions and revolts I think back to general society here in America and this video represents it.
    Like a German friend of mine was telling me the other day.

    “With the way the people of your country live only an American could feel pride when their corporate masters use them to wipe their ass and then throw them away like trash while they go gaga over the latest piece of junk that is shoveled out for them to play with..”

    Every man for himself!


    • That’s one of the main reasons why I can not support any sort of armed revolution. There is not enough clear thinkers to even approach such an endeavor. I say hit them in their pocketbook. But that also requires a mass of individuals.


      • Yeah very much agreed and lurking places like SHTF and reading the comments on people who call themselves patriots and scream for resolution kind of show that an armed revolution would be nothing short of a colossal meltdown.


        • I believe that the PTB want some sort of armed revolution, just so they have the excuse to pull out all the plugs and eliminate many of us in one swoop. SHTF Blog will not publicize my comments. Wonder why?


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