The Grand Bargain

“Everything being equal, unless we stop it, what will happen is there will be a ‘grand bargain’ after the election in which the White House and some Democrats will sit down with Republicans, they will move to a chained CPI.”

~ Sen Bernie Sanders

If you read here, you realize that the “fix” is in. No matter if its Romney or Obama, austerity comes. Obama’s normal tendency is to lie with abandon, slick smile and all, and then do exactly what he says he will not do. Truly psychopathic, if there ever was one.

He is now eluding to Paulsterity (The Paul Ryan Plan to cut “entitlements”, while boosting military and killing budgets), as if he will NOT cut those benefits.

And sadly, like the woman in this video (I believe she is acting), the country believes that Obama is looking out for her. He isn’t. Stop fooling yourself.

I have a friend who is dependent upon Social Security to make ends meet. I know MANY older people who might not be alive if it weren’t for SSI benefits and Medicare. I certainly know more than a few children that would go hungry every day, if it weren’t for the measly amount in Food Stamps that they get.

What is about to happen right after the election is going to be devastating for many of us, including old folks and poor kids. But if you think you are immune because you happen to work for one of the corporations that thrive from screwing the others in this country (Big Meds, Big Insurance, Big Military, Big Prison, Big Food, or Big Government… just to name a few), I can assure you that your time is coming.

And, if I may, you Obama Maniacs are seriously deluded to believe a single word that man utters.

Obama’s entire method of governing depends on duplicity, deception, and dissembling. At the same time, he is not entirely secretive about his preference for brutal cuts, and does signal from time to time more or less what he intends to do. But many Americans, stupefied by spectator sports and “reality” television, are too estranged from reality to understand what is happening.

If you had any sense (and a scrotum), you would speak up and do something. Maybe not because you have any semblance of compassion for others, or any feigned attempt at morality or Christ-like values, but because you are slowly realizing that what you are seeing in Europe is but a couple months away from happening here and soon, your privileged kids will see how hard it is (a life lesson hard-learned, no doubt)  to carry on with the lie that is American politics.

I’ve been trying my best to grab you by the shirt collar and figuratively shake some sense into you. I suppose it will take the loss of that cushy job and the pain of seeing your own parents and children suffer before you realize how selfish and stupid you have been.

Worse, tho, are the black folk I know that cling to some Savior image of Obama. Many now admit that they voted for him cause he’s black (like the lady in the video). And when addressed (like Joe Cortina did), they obviously don’t know what a total and complete liar he is, they believe him to be the opposite of what he truly is.

It was time to set the hook and reel in the catch. I responded: ” And I’ll bet you have a respect for the lives of children and might even be a Christian”. She smiled and proudly stated that she was indeed a follower of the Lord and that babies’ lives were sacred to her. I purposely look puzzled and asked her: “Ma-am – it is not my business of course but I am now curious – as to why you voted for Obama – I mean what was the most important reason?”

She looked pensive for a moment then smiled again and said: “I guess to be honest – it was he be a black man”.
NOW I ‘set the hook and dropped the bomb. Ma-am – I’m confused – you said you loved the lord and little babies – did you know that Mr. Obama not ONLY voted against a bill to save children but sponsored a law that any child who survived one of those horrible partial birth abortions – was to be killed anyway” – which was of course 100% true.

Her face changed from a smile to a look of puzzlement and almost fear. I quickly added : OH my God – you didn’t know that? Certainly as an a responsible adult you must have taken time to find out WHO he REALLY was and WHAT he REALLY stands for – didn’t you? -I asked almost pleadingly.

No, apparently, just the fact that he is black is enough. It doesn’t matter that he lies and murders with abandon.

h/t don lucas for the video

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14 thoughts on “The Grand Bargain

  1. Just in the grocery store this morning.
    Fresh fruit, virtually across the board (from all sources), up about 20-25% since Friday.
    Also, two weeks ago, gallon of gas at the pump popped 6-8% overnight.
    Never saw that before.
    It’s coming.
    And it will happen very fast.


    • You bring up a point I forgot to mention. I, too, did some grocery shopping yesterday and bought gas this morning. I can attest that the prices are sky-rocketing right NOW.

      I truly don’t think most people understand what is about to occur and how terrible it will be.


    • Noticed that milk has been rising 10 cents every month where I live for the past year and half. Yeah its subtle and they have no clue..


  2. that is truly unfair to use the S word like that…

    it is a provable fact that since the 17th amendment over half the “NON COMPOS MENTIS” so-called voters just don’t have a scrotum…and aren’t likely to find one even if they are really really butch and everything, like…you know.

    if voting is important …for self satisfaction try this idea…too :

    why bother, just fork over 90% of all earnings/”INCOME” to a terrorist with real chutzpah…Mantiq ex[plains how to…

    waiting for the bright flash, boss


    • Maybe that scumbag Weisel will now get him a tat, since he never had a real one.

      Dude, you know that we need to care for the IDF’s golf games. Just like we do Obama’s and all those other POS in our government. I’m pretty sure that Netty Yahoo plays plenty of rounds on our nickel.


  3. Like someone said, RMoney is a wolf in wolf’s clothing and OBOMBA is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No matter who wins, we LOSE and Wall Street and the FED will still keep robbing We the People blind.

    The Justice Department has refused to prosecute Wall Street crimes, even though a Congressional committee gave them loads of proof about two months ago and recommended prosecution.

    And where in the hell do they get off saying Social Security is an ‘entitlement?’

    If that’s the case, just refund the money I paid in–with interest–and I’ll shut up.


    • Yeah. At this point, if they just paid me out what I put in with interest, I might shut up, too. I want my “entitlement” before its all gone to the bankers.


  4. Sad thing is, whether this woman is acting or not(I think partial due to the camera effect), there are lots of mindless idoits out there like her…black , white hispanic….doesnt matter the race….there are too many mindless idiots out there that buy what they are told….hook line and sinker.

    They will be the first too go into shock as the bill comes due.


  5. Yep I’m a black man and most of my family are all idiots who think this man is a fucking saint. For my mom I somewhat understand as she is a government employee and so I expect her to worship the shit that flies out of Odumbo’s ass.
    Yeah they all think he’s so special and its all the republicans faullt, and etc.
    I drop hints here and there that my brothers and sisters listen to as I’m the oldest but most of my family shrug me off expect the ones who are in the military and they all hate him.

    People truly have no idea and will not until its too late but I’ll get a sick sense of enjoyment out of the horror painted on their faces(its a shame alot of people who don’t deserve it will suffer in the long run).


    • There is always some large group that gets brainwashed. Last moron in the whitehouse brainwashed the religious, evangelicals. I STILL confront those that called Bush a “Godly Man” and ask them what they think now. Amazing at the backpedaling that goes on, after the damage is done.

      Same with black folk and this moron in the whitehouse.

      If I could find it, I wrote a post about Obama way back before the election saying that at least we are getting over the hurdle of electing a black man… I just have a problem with electing lying murderers, is all. It don’t matter what color they are.

      One of my best friends is black (he calls me his best friend when he introduces me to others). He still don’t get it, but is coming around.

      We just had a conversation about the fed Reserve and Jews that run America’s finances. He had no idea.


    • I found this PCR article, interviewing Cynthia McKinney very enlightening (she was my second choice in 2008 behind Nader… probably should have put her Number 1):

      She said:

      the policy of killing that is being carried out by President Obama has wiped out all of the moral credit that Black America accrued over their years of resistance to slavery, Jim Crow, racism, poverty, and militarism. The world understood that Black Americans had a different set of values. That they were against wars, against interference in the affairs of other countries, against imperialism, against colonialism, and against White Supremacy. Now, too many Black Americans cheer a President who defends targeted assassination, drone wars in Africa and elsewhere around the world, boots on the ground globally for the military-industrial-complex, and even torture. Sadly, now much of Black America has chosen to abdicate its moral responsibility and spend whatever moral credit they have earned globally in support of an African descendant President who has ripped to shreds the Bill of Rights, damaged life for tens of thousands of innocent individuals here and abroad hurt by the policies of this Administration, not to mention those who have been killed and will be deformed due to the massive depleted uranium being used.

      To see PCR give her so much credit is promising. I’d vote for that black woman in a second.


  6. I lasted 14 seconds into that video and I just could not take her idiocy any more. My pain threshold is very low at times… my tolerance level for idiocy even lower.

    What people do not understand is… Obama is the equivalent of what was once called … and please excuse the language…. on the plantation, the house ni***** who is so owned by his masters and the privileges he is accorded that he turns his back on his people in the fields.

    In this case, his allegiance has been to the bankers and money men of Chicago (mainly high level Zionists) long before he reached the presidency.

    I remember when he was elected … the mad jubilation of the black folks all over on the streets. The partying, the glee… the feeling of utter happiness. At that time my first thought was …”dear lord those people are being set up to be SOOOOOOOOOO betrayed” and so they have been. Royally.

    If they are so foolish as to vote him in again…. well…. these folks are clueless and will remain so until the crud really hits their own fans and spatters the walls.

    But back to that same old conundrum. They believe their votes matter and will put him back again.


    • I watched it all and came to the conclusion that it is an act. Maybe not, but I think she was playing the part of the brainwashed, when she isn’t. Nevertheless, it was hard watching her and her gigglies about to fall out.

      I have said over and over again that Obama is whiter than I am. Meaning that he isn’t a Homie. He is a shill,,, an actor playing the part (and he is very good). He has been able to break the population down racially, which plays right into the Jews’ hands.

      But, his real deal will be the upcoming race wars that will take our attention away from watching the magician hiding his balls in plain view. We will all be at each other’s throats while he completes the money dump into the Jews’ grubby fingers. Like Video rebel, the time is very close to a breakdown of society. It will be rough when it culminates.


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