Another Crooked Debate To Appease The Sheople

Will you spend even one moment watching the two sElected candidates lie to you tonight? I won’t. And neither will Chris Floyd:

I understand there is some kind of event scheduled for this evening that will feature two known and proven liars mouthing pious rhetoric, brazen falsehoods and scripted zingers in a process carefully crafted by their paid handlers to exclude any substantive examination of genuine issues of vital concern to the citizens whom the two known liars purportedly wish to “serve.” I understand this will be followed by an outpouring of fetid gas emitted by a series of third-rate intellects and clueless goobers in various media who will examine the body language and facial expressions of the two proven liars to determine which of the liars might have gained the most political benefit from their lying and zinging and pious posing.The end result of this process will be that one of the two known and proven liars will become the temporary manager of a world-spanning, treasury-bleeding war machine which they will use to kill many innocent people over the next four years while continuing to degrade the lives and liberties of their own citizens on behalf of a brutal, stupid and rapacious elite.

This, we are told, is a very serious event to which very serious people should pay very serious attention. Fortunately, I am an entirely frivolous person, so I will be free to ignore this very serious business. Instead I think I might go out back and throw a few sticks on the fire.

Why is it a sham and why do you participate? You do know its all rigged, right? Just like every recent POTUS “debate”, only the accepted shills are allowed to vent their incessant lies:

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party is on the ballot of 48 states and Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party is on 39 state ballots. In a pure democracy it would be considered a given that Johnson and Stein would join Obama and Romney on stage, but in the United States elections don’t work that way. That’s because the three presidential debates are run not by the government, but by a nonprofit organization, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). The CPD was created in 1987 by the Democratic and Republican parties as a bipartisan—rather than a nonpartisan—effort.

So, now that you know that long ago, a “corporation” was developed between the two Battling “Parties” that controls who gets to spout off in the debates (coincidentally, they ONLY allow the demoRAT or reTHUGlican candidates… imagine that), will you waste your time or will you, too, go out back and throw a few sticks on the fire?

All of these sElections are crooked. If you still believe that these two clowns are the best we have to sElect from, then you are a blithering idiot.

Tell you what: Add Merlin Miller to the debate and I’ll be the first to watch the TV (speaking of stoking the truth fire). You will NEVER hear Gary Johnson, much less Jill Stein, tell this truth:

h/t Empire Burlesque and AllGov

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11 thoughts on “Another Crooked Debate To Appease The Sheople

  1. I will stoke some fires….in the minds of people around me. How people can be so fooled is beyond me. Eveytime I bring up this subject i get the old “So what can we do about it?” Get up off your ass, get your head out of the reality TV and sports distraction , educate your self and break the propaganda training you have been subjected to and speak out. Stop the D or R divdision game.

    Oh yes, people. I looked at as though Im crazy.

    The time is coming when the facts cant be ignored anymore.


  2. This man Merlin Miller is definitely worth keeping an eye on. I just posted a great piece by him regarding his meeting with Ahmadinejad.

    An aside, just for a giggle. I found a series of photos in Flickr on the anti Ahmadinejad demos in NYC last week. I was wading through and posted a series of comments of truths as I went along. I was polite considering it included photos of Guiliano and Newt even, let alone the terrorists of the MEK, whom I spoke the truth about. My daughter phoned and we spoke for about 20 minutes. By the time I returned to the site, I was banned! Now does that not say a lot?

    As for the speeches between the criminals that are probably going on as I type this, methinks a trip through the sewers of NYC in one’s bare feet would be preferable. Instead I will pick my n… er…. well maybe I might just go for a walk in the sunset.


    • He says so much that I agree with that I can’t help but feel there is some really ugly skeleton just waiting to jump out of the closet.

      Banned Again!?! Just for speaking truth. Sounds familiar.


  3. I know the deal, but I had to watch. Most other comedy shows suck this fall. This Matser[de]bate was the same as others in the past. So for those who didn’t watch .. lather .. rinse .. repeat.


  4. Anybody notice both their eyes?…obama was blinking twice a second…mitt about the same.
    Lying all the way…We’re doomed!! Both are the same pig with lipstick…


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