Understanding Nazi Racism

As I research the Nazi Germany era, I find that many of the key issues against the Nazis are mere propaganda. This should be no surprise to people who understand that EVERYTHING the US government tells us is tainted and has a purpose to sway our way of thinking (and in general, has nothing whatsoever, to do with the truth of the matter). To the contrary, they have a story-line they want us to believe… to keep us from finding out the truth.

One is the incessant lie that Hitler and all Nazis were racists, not only towards Jews, but towards blacks and virtually anyone NOT white and Germanic. But, if you actually look at the details, you find that much of this lie is simply American (or Soviet) instigated. The fact is that blacks were treated better in Germany than they were here. The fact is that there were hordes of blacks, Soviets and even Jews that served in the German armies and even the SS.

Managing Our Perception of the Third Reich

I made reference that blacks were treated better in Germany than in America (why this would surprise anyone is the question). Here is another video that delves into additional detail, especially concerning Jesse Owens and how he was embraced by Hitler, himself. Owens own testimony is telling:

Blacks in Nazi Germany (TIG)

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Nazi Racism

  1. Much of the blood libel against the German (and Japanese) people after WWII through to today occurred as a consequence of horrendous war crimes committed by the Allies against both the Germans and Japanese and the need to provide cover for those war crimes. Those war crimes, plus the historical consequences of what we would call the “victor’s narrative” (that group which wins the war establishes the post-war narrative of (“truth”) allowed propagandized untruths to both surface during that time and be used for horrendous injustice. It has also kept the American and British (among others) public in the dark as to many of these practices. Thus, the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Dresden firebombing and post WWII German concentration camps which saw one million plus Germans killed in those camps gave rise to the opportunistically and hysterically fictionalized narrative otherwise referred to as the Jewish holocaust, which through US military base location and the post WWII marsupial Court of Nuremberg trials, has kept a jackboot on the necks of those countries in Europe (and those individuals such as Ernst Zundel, etc.) who are unable to allow forensic investigation into the false historical narrative without individuals being put in prison for calling out the fiction and placing some of the more egregious “fairy tales” in context. Thus, we see the constant browbeating of the German population in the US media and the shrieking of Nazi! Hitler! at various opportune times, but we see nothing of the Kulak holocaust by Stalin (8-11 million murdered/starved Eastern Orthodox Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Russian small farmers), through his use of Cheka agents, the overwhelming majority of whom were Jewish or frank discussion of the Palestinian plight. Of course, the hysterically fictionalized and politically opportune narrative/version of the holocaust (substantially different from the reality of persecution of Jews historically which occurred for numerous reasons- many of which (usury, certain banking and government practices of the elite and the imposition of collective guilt which resulted) related to certain practices which almost invariably resulted in significant detriment of the local productive economy and blowback) also provides both political cover for Zionists in Israel (a Rothschild/Zionist project) to commit horrendous atrocities against the indigenous people (Palestinians) and at the same time completely brainwash the Jewish people (and others, including Americans) into accepting such a narrative for purposes of keeping that population in a state of intellectual subjugation and tremendous fear.
    Of course, now that much of this is coming out and the historical narrative playing field is beginning to become more level, the cry of the need to shut down the internet to prevent people from learning more of the truth and undermining the US constitution becomes increasingly far more frequent. That is why the fictionalized 911 narrative (in contrast to the reality of the horrendous criminal fraud that that event was) is so important to those who operate in the dark and through criminality, to be maintained.
    The best approach is to allow the truth to surface and let the chips fall where they may (with an eye toward a historical sensitivity) as the only way forward, inasmuch as natural laws will take us there anyway and outcome may not as easily be tempered.


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