Coming To America

Most of us rednecks haven’t figured out that Austerity is the next big phase confronting us. We have primers in Europe that explain what is coming. Sure, at first, most of us will sit at home and watch the TV news and all the “truth” it contains. But eventually, that loud mouth neighbor down the street that said something to you over the summer about a “Police State” and loss of liberties and all that other rantings he does (like about how that special government agency, the “Federal Reserve” prints money to bail out corporations and banks…. duh, WTF WAS he talking about????) you start to realize that at least some of what he said is true and maybe he isn’t quite the crackpot you thought he was (I mean, why would he give your family some extra squash, okra and peas, if he wasn’t a little crazy?)

You don’t really understand the mumbo jumbo because you have really been keeping up with the football scores and haven’t been able to think about politics… and shoot, Facebook has been so crazy lately that you find you have spent all evening reading and catching up on the recent craziness going on with your hometown crime. Damned people should just get a job… like I did.

Europe is seeing it and they are getting their asses kicked by their boys in blue.


Let me make a suggestion: when the boys in blue in America take to the streets like that, do you truly believe that all you will get is some stick against your leg, arm or head. If you think that they won’t employ much more harmful weaponry, then you truly have NOT been paying attention.

So, maybe the ones in America will look more like Greece:

Hell, what am I saying? I don’t think I know ANYONE within 100 miles of me who would join me in a protest, much less if they knew that concussion grenades, tear gas, TASERS, Microwave weapons, sound cannons, etc will be deployed. Most of you are still arguing about which POTUS candidate looks more American than the other, instead of acknowledging the real issues facing us.

America is fucked.

You will play their sElection game and right afterwards they will lower the boom on us all.

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8 thoughts on “Coming To America

  1. you’re just too polite…

    what are you an honorary redneck ? ?

    why you’re not even at Talladega, today…

    standards, who needs standards…?

    we be having some action that’s affirmative…if it ever gets TRACTION…

    .mr. cheney make you want to slap somebody…


  2. You captured the typical American right down to the people should get a job like I did mentality and if it came down to it I would want somebody like this behind my back which kind of explains my lack of trust for most people. As for protesting groups like occupy and that group that protested walmart for better safety conditions showed us what happens when you protest(Walmart called the riot police on them who showed up with earnest to beat them up). Only thing you can do is somehow find able minded folks, group together in secret as to not attract attention to yourselves(plenty of stool pigeons in these times) and get prepared while slowly declaring your Independence and gaining numbers.


  3. What if the people of the world realized that ALL government around the world IS the problem , is the reason for all strife and pain. It would be WWIII…..we, the people of the world , against them…those who call them selves government.

    Government is like a nuclear chain reation, It MUST be controlled and kept VERY small.


  4. History repetes another empire in decline and shift of world power…Europe/WW1…England/WW2…USA/WW3. Every empire in decline always starts world wars…BUT this time the empire in decline, the USA, has the weapons to destroy the whole world…Dont think there will be much left for the next super power, china or the NWO…
    This will not be pretty!!!


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