Only New Fleas Can Be Sold At A Flea Market

You think that someone realizes that one way to ensure people are stuck in abject poverty and starvation would be to outlaw selling things you bought and no longer want or need? That if you purchase something with foreign content or is wholly manufactured “over there” (and what isn’t any more), you will not be allowed to resell it without permission?

What if you buy a new Toyota, even if its made here (not to mention “American made” cars with 40% foreign content)? Could the foreign content make it impossible for you to resell it? How about clothes and your yard-sale several years later, when your child has outgrown them (which is what I’m preparing for this week)?

Do you see where this might lead? Forced consumerism of foreign products, because they shipped most of the manufacturing “over there”, then tying your hands so that you cannot recoup some of the money (in case you needed to buy something upgraded or new)?

What about all the foreign products used in building homes? Will that cause you problems as you resell your home? Ever purchase or sell on Ebay or Craigslist or even from an ad in the newspaper?

That will end.

Maybe black markets will spring up, but what if the banking system gets its desire with a digital currency (which is what I believe they have in store for us) and they stop cash transactions? Will it force the black market into a barter system, opening up a new IRS division with a sole purpose to catch the new criminal?

In my town, I see more and more homes that have become permanent yard sales. A guy a few doors down buys old lawnmowers, refurbishes them, then resells them. It is his only form of income.

h/t Activist Post

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4 thoughts on “Only New Fleas Can Be Sold At A Flea Market

  1. Hey Bman….isnt there something about not being able to buy or sell without some sort of mark?? In some book somewhere??
    I still think TPTB watch to many movies and are way to out of touch with reality…The earth is a really big place. People will trade in weed if they have to….


  2. Saw this article on fromthetrenches and the first thought was what dumb motherfucker thought of this law but then reason kicked in and I remembered that we live in a corporatist system so any law no matter how stupid it is or how it destroys the rights of others if it benefits or serves an agenda for corporations then it’ll be brought out front and center.

    Also I agree with ARF that nobody would give a damn about this law and would sell and do what they well anyway with black markets. Government is slowly losing their power and as they pass more and more stupid laws for their parasitic masters most people are following their own vision of living instead.


    • Yeap…just look at cell phones while driving. Everybody does it…This is America and we only follow the laws we see fit.
      And yes TPTB are losing more power everyday….Its going to explode in their faces. We are seeing the decline of another in a long line of empires, the USA, and like all world power changes, the empire in decline always starts a big old war…but for the first time in history the empire in decline has the ability to destroy the whole world….TPTB had better watch what they wish for!!


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