A Picture Is Truly All One Needs To Understand Abject Failure

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The Yard Sale is going great.

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4 thoughts on “A Picture Is Truly All One Needs To Understand Abject Failure

  1. Oh but the drug warriors will tell you we are winning the war on drugs….just as the warmongers will tell you Al-queade is defeated….all lies.

    Wake up America…your being lied to at EVERY TURN.


    • What really sick is, they justify the death,destruction and wasted money over 1.3% of the populations choice to use drugs……mean while, schools get closed, the poor go hungry ect ect ect.
      All for a war that will never end.


  2. Great visual aid there. Such a pretty green and all of it being your tax dollars at work.

    I have seen a few ads on tv for legalization but that would still make it just another taxable item with that $$$ going to support the drug wars!

    Most of the ads I see are tear jerkers about legalization of gay marriage which drive me right effing bonkers.

    LOL @ al Qaeda being dead! This military ground troop division of NATO known as al Qaeda … one minute they are being blamed as part of every insurgency going in the Middle East and war must be waged against them… even though they are paid by NATO. The next day they are defeated, the war on terror is going swimmingly!

    Go figger. Guess some people CAN have it both ways. But not for too long …. remember we don’t need to wake up all the masses. Just enough to get some momentum going….

    BTW any nice old not too cracked teapots in that sale?


    • My idea of “legalization” is that one could grow it themselves, just like a tomato plant. No taxes at all.

      But, just like tobacco, there could be a mass market for it (since not everyone grows their own tomatoes). If its taxed, so what. I know who would provide mine. Me (IF it were legal).

      You know, we did sell a nice decorated tea pot. Probably $2


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