Richard Noggin Saturday: Mr Red Line

Here’s what I want to know: where is IsraHELL’s red line? What happened to President Kennedy when he wanted to enforce a red line on your nukes that you will not admit exists? What about the redline of the Non-proliferation Act that the accused (Iran) signed and follows, yet your little sand box refuses to sign (with Zionist America’s blessing)?

You hypocrite.

Also notice that this ad is being played in “Little Israel”, aka Florida (another sandbox full of Jews). I’m sure its plastered all over Jew York (or will be).

You may have fooled much of America, but not all of us. Many of us are starting to see the lies. It is my prayer and hope that enough of the sane ones here stop our Zionist Jew owned government from kowtowing to your every dictate which is causing us ruin and to be considered the scourge of the world.

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