” . . . the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices . . . ”

A very interesting article was presented at Darkmoon in which Dr Robert Faurrison describes various weaponry that Iran is thought to possess and how it may be used in any war. Very much worth the read.

However, it was one of the comments that I wanted to feature (by John Kaminski), because it basically goes to the very issue that I have been studying as of late, which is the reason for the gross exaggerations claimed by Holocaust presenters, even while many, if not most, of the claims are already shown as the lies they are. It has been my contention that the shell game has been used to hide the real culprit, Usury, and how it is the main controller of America and almost all the rest of the world (Iran is one of the few NOT controlled by it). I have mentioned before that this is the reason for Lincoln and Kennedy’s deaths (and upon further research) the reason for the attack on Germany after they rid themselves of the system and miraculously turned their economy around in the world’s fastest ever financial rebound.

John Kaminskisays:

Jews always twist things into the opposite of what they originally meant. The perversion of Ahmadinejad’s remarks were paralleled recently by Kevin Barrett’s story on Veterans Today insisting that Zionism and Nazism were the same thing.

Zionism and Nazism are diametric opposites, yet Barrett (coached by Gordon Duff, the arch fiend deceiver) yodels that they’re the same. The Nazis never killed children. Israelis do every day. The Austrians of course welcomed Hitler’s ideas, and many other countries would have if given the chance. Or, they would have if they could have broken through the language barrier, which the Jew always exploits. Nobody but corrupt perverts ever welcomes the Jews.

I could say a lot more, but to cut to the chase, here is the key teaching text.


And here is the key line.

” . . . the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices . . . ”

Leave everybody puzzling over the fantastic Holocaust claims and nobody can focus on Hitler’s genuine economic miracle — which is exactly what the U.S. and the world needs now.

Listening to Bruce recently about how Hitler turned around Germany’s situation from a million marks for a loaf of bread to full employment and Germans taking cruise ship vacations IN 18 MONTHS (!) is clearly the smack-me-in-the-forehead epiphany that everybody can understand, and will get behind, if WE can make it clear to them.

This is why Untermeyer jumped on it so quickly in 1933 and rallied Jews into declaring a worldwide war on Hitler — because his plan vaporizes Jewish outlaw bankers immediately, and permanently. And almost instantly restores prosperity to the people.

Lincoln, Hitler and Kennedy all tried to make this happen and were obliterated for their efforts. Holocaustomania covers up the obvious fact that we could fix all the problems miraculously quickly — with debt free currency implemented by a sincere government. Bye bye bankers and all their confusing scams.

The world continues to bleed toward its death solely because of them.

I’m making this my top priority, to read and reread this piece, and watch Bill Still’s video “The Secrets of Oz”, and figure out a way to communicate this. It is something everyone can understand, and a real movement backed by just about everyone can come out of this — because we can turn around this whole mess just as fast if not even faster than Hitler did, once everybody realizes that the big leak in social thinking can be plugged by simply eliminating all these confusing banker ruses and crimes with debt free currency.

Can anybody in their right mind resist the idea that we could have full employment and happy lives simply by eliminating this bogus web of financial chicanery that benefits no one except the people stealing our money? I don’t think so.

It is desperately essential that we take this idea and run with it. It is the solution easily within our reach that everyone will welcome. Hey, who isn’t behind the idea of more money for everyone, instead of in the bloodstained hands of a sick few?

May I suggest that if we were to actually pursue the same agenda of banishing the Jewish monetary control of our financial system we would also see the same miraculous turnaround the Germans saw? Is that too hard to understand? Is that what Americans want? Or are you satisfied with the current state of affairs?

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8 thoughts on “” . . . the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices . . . ”

  1. An end to usury, defaulting on all debt obligations from the Federal Reserve (just cancel them out as Ron Paul has suggested- they are fraudulent and in contract, can be rescinded as a remedy in law), making certain that the openness of the internet is maintained, making certain that the US constitution is followed rigorously, eliminating all of the federal reserve apparatus which was created out of that fraudulent, illicit creation in 1913 (IRS, FBI, etc.), prosecuting the criminality in the banking industry, breaking up the various family foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, Gates, etc.), allowing all accounting (especially CAFR) to be open to the public, ending rehypothecation in and closing down the City of London and Wall Street (including prosecuting all white collar criminals, not just Bernie Madof and a few low level criminals or Martha Stewart- the injustice there), clawing back all assets which were stolen or otherwise fraudulently obtained (which includes all assets which were putatively legally purchased using fraudulently created Federal Reserve fiat currency- the fruits of the fraud including all assets obtained by corporate raiders, etc.), revoking the corporate chapter of United States Incorporated, allowing complete open source access to information, etc., forcing competition on the medical cartel (rigorously and honestly testing naturopathic, homeopathic and allopathic therapies), freeing up all withheld technologies, especially Tesla technologies, investigating and prosecuting all those engaged in false flag attacks against the United States, etc. (others too numerous to name).
    One does not need to shriek or yell- name calling is simply a distraction. One simply has to do the right thing- with conviction, determination and forthrightness- and not be bullied by name calling and accusations which the criminal uses in his or her defense. Forensics dictates appropriateness of narrative.
    The results will be inherent. The results will be felt immediately. And a new age will flourish. Not all, but a great portion of the dysfunction and hysteria will vanish immediately.


  2. Since Kaminski has a Polish name maybe he can explain why Shitler invaded Poland. It is possible that Shitler was alowed to print and prosper, only to be crushed as an example to every wannabe dictator who wants to show the central banks the boot. IMO Shitler was controlled 100%


    • Your comment was screened by the spam filter.

      Hitler explained why Germany invaded Poland. You can do your own Youtube search for the speeches.

      However, this video is short and sweet, explaining the reason:

      Answer: His hand was forced by the apalling sadistic cruelty of the Jews to ethnic Germans carried out by the Bolschevicks and the Polish communist regime who were determined to lure him in to a war on behalf of the House of Rothschild owned Winston Churchill and the US bankster Jewish-owned and funded President Theodore Roosevelt


      • That is not a good answer.. Shitler may have been ‘lured’, but that’s not an excuse to kill white Christians. Poland (one ot the allies) was never Communist until after the war when it got the shaft by the anglojudao shits who started the war. with friends like usa and uk, you don’t need enemies. being handed to stalin on a silver platter may have had something to do with control the holocaust narative


        • Sorry you don’t approve of my answers. I suppose if I agreed, you’d be happy?
          As for my answer being WWII propaganda. That’s your opinion. As for your replies, are they simply Jewish propaganda? I basically explained what Hitler said in speeches.
          Take it or leave it.
          Thanks for visiting. You don’t have to come back.


  3. I hold John Kamisky in high esteen and JB Cambell in even higher esteem but don’t recon either one has nailed the answer.

    This one, I have absolutely no doubt about. Jews are relentlessly pushing the holocaust stories to very effectively portray themselves as victims or prey… they are neither. All Jews are predatory and parasitic in nature. The best defense (especially against a numerically larger population) against retrobution is to constantly portray oneself as a poor, pitful Jew, whom history has always given a bad break and for no rational reason.

    This stratedgey has proved extremely effective. Case in point, no American journalist who wants readership is able to point out things that should be rather obvious… Mosad did 911, Jews occupy too many positions in high government, there are too many Jewish Judges, the president’s cabinet is mostly Jewish, MSM is virtually all Jewish, CEO’s of major corporations are mostly Jews and essentially, the Jews have taken over with their pletiful special interest groups like AIPAC, JDL, ADL and SPLC to name just a few. But mention any of this and you will be attacked by your own people, more so than by the Jews. “Jews as victims” has been a very successful psy-op campaign. And I have no doubt that this end result was carefully crafted. It’s simple. You defend against creating victims by declaring yourself the ultimate victim. “You were bombed by Israeli jets? Well, I was gassed in a death factory. I win!” Mention any of this to a neighbor and they will call you a Nazi behind your back. I should know.

    Bottom line, this is out worst stumbling block to waking up the masses. This is more that though…. it’s really tough. I emplore you try to talk truth about Jews to any square neighbor. You won’t get far.


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