I am an aspiring bass guitar player. Even though I am a musician (a trumpet player, once pretty good) and a singer, I love learning about how music is developed by what I call “real musicians”. When I combine this learning with my new love, the bass, I find some of the very best and try to learn what they know. When it comes to Rush, this is the epitome of “real musicians” (I’ve been to at least 8 of their concerts over the years).

There is but three members: Geddy Lee (bassist, keyboards and lead vocals), Alex Lifeson (lead guitarist and backing vocals) and Neil Peart (lyricist and probably the best drummer the world has ever seen… seriously amazing).

I will not pretend that I can or will ever be able to play the bass like Geddy, but he is an inspiration. Many of Rush’s songs have strong bass lines, but this one is incredible.

If you are unfamiliar with Rush, check out their other songs… all amazing rock and roll music… and all amazing “real musicians”.

Also note (for those who may believe I “hate” all Jews)… I don’t. I don’t know much about Geddy’s political beliefs (although for years, Peart wore his political leanings on his sleeve), but I do know that his parents are both Holocaust survivors. I do respect him, his past and his abilities. Maybe I’ll hear a story someday like David Lee Roth’s and I’ll see the Talmudic “superiority” side, but I hope not.

As I told a friend today, I evaluate people on an individual level and try not as a whole. So, hatred of all Jews is impossible for me. I hope I’ve cleared that up.

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