“The Establishment’s Contempt For The Truth” Finally Gets Some Big Media Illumination

My friend, Mike Campbell, has been working for nearly a quarter century to tell people the real truth about the death of Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. I have tried to help with this itty bitty blog by highlighting the story, DCDave’s review, and Mike’s insistence that very large publications get the story right.

Thomas Devine

Don’t think the man hasn’t done his homework, either. He has interviewed many US Military veterans who testified that they saw the plane long after the official story says it was lost. He has spent countless hours with other researchers and authors, combing through files and correspondence, finding discrepancies with the official story, and working to write two books on the subject.

His first was “With Our Own Eyes: Eyewitnesses to the Final Days of Amelia Earhart,” written in 2002, but subsequently after years of research with Earhart author and Saipan eyewitness Thomas Devine (Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident) searching through hundreds of files left by the deceased iconic newsman Fred Goerner (The Search for Amelia Earhart) and many others, he was privy to additional information that led to his second book, “Amelia Earhart: The Truth At Last“.  I happen to be reading the book right now and it is an amazing page turner that had me hooked immediately.

He begins the book by explaining the “official story,” with acute details I never knew and then gets

Fred Goerner

into the eye-witness testimony of people who claimed they saw the Earhart plane on Saipan. You can hear several of the witnesses in videos I shared here. One key witness certainly isn’t a nobody: Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, American naval forces commander in the Pacific during World War II, said that “Earhart and her companion did go down in the Marshalls and were picked up by the Japanese.”

These people knew what they saw and were frustrated that very few are telling the whole truth.

Mike is trying to make amends to this and hasn’t gotten much help from Big Media, until now, if one can categorize the Knoxville News Sentinel as “big media.”

The Knoxville News Sentinel, with a daily circulation of 123,000 has featured two prominent stories that you should read and share, if possible. The best is by Joel Freedman, entitled, “Campbell’s Book Shatters Earhart Disappearance Theories” and the second is by Melissa Priode, called, “Knoxville Man Works 24 Years To Reveal ‘Truth’ About Earhart’s Disappearance” (notice how “Truth” is set off in quotations, as if to avoid responsibility for the use of this word in a headline, because it might be a conspiracy).

No matter what, the book is excellent and a Must Read, as far as I am concerned, and as far as truth is concerned.

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2 thoughts on ““The Establishment’s Contempt For The Truth” Finally Gets Some Big Media Illumination

  1. Really, she’s is a good example why we should not have a woman in charge, sorry girls…She didnt take the time to learn how to use the radio direction equip, was to busy with getting her pictures taken, left the long range radio trailing antenna and liferaft behind and when she hit the coast of africa, her first nav told her to turn right but she thought she knew better and turned left and got lost…Of course her first nav quit right there and then…HE knew better and didnt go on to what ever happened to her…some say her second nav told her to turn right when they got to the island but she turned left…again!!!
    Stupid is what stupid does…


  2. I believe ARF’s response is predicated upon the truth of the official story, which is about as good an example of missing the point as one is likely to find.

    Concerning the establishment’s response to Campbell, it sounds like they might be setting him up for the pejorative label, “Amelia Earhart truther.” See my comment on the “truther” label here: http://www.dcdave.com/poet15/101108.htm


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