Legalization? Decriminalization? And A Liar’s Flip Flop

Sanity from truth tellers that know:

Jim Gierach a former Assistant State’s Attorney of Cook County, Illinois and Richard Van Wickler superintendent for the Cheshire County, New Hampshire Department of Corrections call for the legalization of drugs

more stories on the war on drugs…

Insanity from a brazen liar:

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2 thoughts on “Legalization? Decriminalization? And A Liar’s Flip Flop

  1. It was well established in the 1980’s that the Federal Government funds its black-bag operations with covert drug sales. So, maintaining the drug war is an elite interest. More recently, it was shown that illegal banking deposits from drugs has been floating the bankrupt major banks. Once again, elite interests benefit from drug prohibition. Elites control public opinion via the media. Want to end the war on drugs? Figure out how to keep the elites from benefiting or take back control of the media. As far as I know, both of those options are impossible. The elites will always have their way for as long as they monopolize the media.

    Possibly the problem could be solved through a series of assassinations but I would think you would have to go fairly deep… not that it couldn’t be done. Carl Rove and Rahm Emanuel, both swinging gently under a lamp post, would be a wonderful beginning.


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