Nobody Wins The POTUS Election

My wife took her 90 something year old grandmother to vote early yesterday. It was comedic, in that she can’t hear anything, but didn’t want BuelahLady to help her because BuelahLady told her she wasn’t voting for any “lesser of two evils”. This made her grandmother a bit angry and she was afraid that an election worker (or someone standing in line) would ask her and she didn’t want to be embarrassed by such a radical departure from the brainwashed notion that we should vote for one of the two sElected candidates.

BuelahLady stepped outside to wait for her, when BuelahGranny found that she couldn’t understand the voting machines and was unable to hear the worker’s instructions, therefore she came out and asked for my wife’s assistance.

Oh, the horror of having a heretic help her.

She made her thoughts known to anyone and everyone who was around that “I can’t vote for a Republican… I’m a Democrat!” and proceeded to vote for every Democrat on the ballot, except for one Independent who had only a Republican opponent.

I wish she had internet access, cause I would show her this video and explain how I am voting for Nobody.

h/t Just Wondering

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3 thoughts on “Nobody Wins The POTUS Election

  1. Thanks again BeulahMan. I’ve tried discussing the same thing with some people around here. They get the classic ‘idiot’ look and go right back into who they are voting for. It is amazing the permanent effects of constant brain washing, poison air and food and water. These politicians are Binkies for the suckling masses.


  2. This is pretty much the truth and no matter what happens the common man gets fucked up the ass and the status quota is maintained.

    I would rather do something more productive with my time then voting like masturbating, watching paint dry or cutting my toe nails.

    Least until our government goes the route of australia and tries to make us vote to keep the illusion going and for those who don’t know there you have to vote or you get a fine.


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