The Goon Squad’s Top Ten Lies Americans Believe To Be True

Top Ten Lies Most Americans Believe to be True

10. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a complete surprise.

9. The Federal Reserve is part of the US government.

8. America has two distinct and different major political party’s

7. Israel is an ally of the USA.

6. The Vietnam War escalated because of North Vietnamese aggression.

5. Our gold, being held at Ft. Knox, is safe.

4. President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

3. America is a democratic republic, run by We the People.

2. Six million Jews died in the Zionist version of WWII.


1. The attacks on 9/11 caught American intelligence agencies completely by surprise.


This is poignant in lieu of a recent conversation with a friend who appears to still believe many of  the lies that have us brainwashed. Even though many are awakening, there are still great thinkers who “believe”.

h/t The Goon Squad (one of my favorite blogs)

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