Go To The Polls, Insane Sheople

You believe what they drum into your head. You cannot fathom that its all a farce. You want to think you are contributing and that it is your patriotic duty. You give all sorts of excuses and reasons for your “choice” between the two lying, war-mongering pawns that serve Israel’s interest.

You might call yourself a Christian and believe that Romney is a Godly man and that Obama is a Muslim. Perhaps you feel that you are a liberal and think that Obama is a liberal who cares about you and the poor.

Some of you believe that Romney is a Capitalist and represents capitalism, even though he has shown himself to be nothing more than a vulture that preys off of dead carcasses that he was instrumental in killing many times. Maybe his money (ill-gotten gains) proves his “business sense”.

Some of you believe that Obama is a Savior of sorts and broke the ceiling for a black man to be POTUS.

Many of you believe all sorts of idiotic lies and it is detrimental to this country.

My opinion is that you are ignorant to the truth. You are falling for the same old lie that happens every 4 years. You are as dumb as a ping pong ball that is swatted back and forth on this table called American politics.

I had a friend voraciously defend Romney and the last I heard from him he wrote:

What I “hate” is your refusal to differentiate between Obama and Romney. They are not the same creature, and they do not have the same agenda for this country. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

Notice the last sentence. He is a brilliant man, but apparently a very slow learner (even though he has ten years on me). Just like every POTUS we have had in my lifetime (and long before), anyone paying just the least amount of attention would realize that they all serve the same basic agenda… and it has nothing to do with America’s interests. Maybe they have a few differences that appease folks like the above, but when it comes to issues that truly matter, the end result is ALWAYS the same. A blind moron would understand this, if they have an open mind.

It saddens me that I am surrounded by folks like this.

I love the way that DCDave describes this thought pattern in this poem:

Rationalized Reason

 When he told me he couldn’t believe it
 I didn’t know how to receive it,
 But now I can see
 That his message for me
 Was he couldn’t afford to believe it.

 David Martin

And who knows? Maybe Sandy will delay the election until after the Martial Law that could ensue.

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6 thoughts on “Go To The Polls, Insane Sheople

  1. Ive given up on trying to get people to understand this. i just cant wait til the elections are over….you know.. the time when you can sit back and say..”told ya so” when we get MORE of the same. Im done beating my head against a wall for a while….maybe what I have said to people lately will sink in in a year or so(or not)….by then well lol…


  2. Im done beating my head against a wall for a while….when asked why, he said….”it feeld good when I stop”…

    America – THE JEWISH STATE FROM HELL….AKA the zionist occupied USGOV….for gloabal JEWISH “hegemony”….


    100% of the braindeadgoy wiil repeat the mantra….






  3. Nothing will convince me otherwise

    Amazing. Goebbels was right about the Big Lie, only in this case it’s Big Lies, told over and over by Rush, Beck, Hannity, FAUX, CNN, NYT, countless channels on the Talmud Vision set in damn near every home and magazines, circulars, bible-thumping bigots and on and on.

    I feel for our kids and grandkids, they’ll have to deal with even more BS…. or maybe get used to life ina FEMA camp.


  4. I’ve given up as well and only focus on myself.

    Denial is a self defense mechanism for people to weak to accept that they’ve been lied too and the choices in front of them aren’t choices at all.
    If people were forced to swallow the truth in front of them then we would have various events like in Greece where people kill themselves off because their future is a sham and they have no control of it what so ever.

    One day like Greece people here will be forced to fall and once they do they will fall hard.


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