How Barack Obama Won The 2012 Election: Because The Jews Called It

I called it already over a year ago (tongue in cheek, but there is SOME truth to the post).

But now, after hearing Bro Nat explain that the Jews favor Obama 65% to 24% over Romney, who could question that Obama has it in the bag?

Does it really matter, tho?

No, it doesn’t really matter.

If I even bother, I would write in Merlin Miller. But if faced with a forced choice, like the false paradigm that is shown to youngsters at out local elementary school, in which the kids were given a piece of paper with two names on it and told to make a choice (as a “math” problem… umhum), I think I’d take the easy way out.

Farber explains:

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3 thoughts on “How Barack Obama Won The 2012 Election: Because The Jews Called It

  1. It won’t matter to We the People if Beavis or Butthead is elected. Both have sworn allegaince to Israel, both to Wall Street and they’ll let the Fed keep inflating the reserve note to the point of toilet paper being worth more.

    I like Farber’s attitude.


  2. Yeah nothing truly changes and the status quo is maintained.

    Wasn’t surprised when he won as romney was basically the new mccain and was brought up to be so awful that everybody would run to obama like they did before.
    Family tries to bother me with that election bs but I told them I just don’t freaking care.
    Sides the internet would spoil me quick enough.

    I also Agree Mr Farber and would see it as a mercy kill.


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