GMO Prop 37 Vote: Bad, Worse, and Worst


I mentioned in this post that Jon Rappoport found some disturbing issues regarding the vote count in the PROP 37 vote in California last Tuesday. That is bad.


Worse, he suggests in his post entitled, “VOTE FRAUD: WHO DESTROYED PROP 37 ON ELECTION NIGHT?, that the “prediction” was made by the AP (Associated Press) lending their reputation as a means of covering up the truth… that MILLIONS of votes have gone uncounted.


The Worst is that the very group that was fighting/promoting the Vote Yes side, Yes on 37, is an even better prognosticator of a loss and won’t ask for the MILLIONS of uncounted votes to be counted.




He adds:


We know that NO ON 37 made numerous false statements in their campaign ads. We know they illegally used the seal of the FDA in those ads. That’s a felony. We know the mainstream press torpedoed YES ON 37 in the waning days of the campaign, by diverting the whole issue of GMO labeling into a non-story about whether the FBI had really opened a full-blown investigation into NO ON 37. We know the networks made a criminally early call against 37 on election night. We know millions of votes are still uncounted. We know that computer rigging in vote-counts is easily done.

But YES ON 37 is just folding up their tent and going away.


So, when your liver fails because you didn’t realize that GMO foods were in the cereal you eat for breakfast or the coke you drink, don’t cry.





I wonder if DOLLARS from these people helped AP, and Yes on 37 capitulate?

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One thought on “GMO Prop 37 Vote: Bad, Worse, and Worst


    The initiative was “losing” by around 550,000 votes.

    Jon wrote:

    I really hope you get this.

    When the absurdly early call against Prop 37 was made on election night, that was a clue. It was a red flag. It was a loud siren:

    “Something is very wrong here.” That was the message.

    From the moment that clue sprang forth, from the moment that siren went off, we had two choices. We could say, “Well, the TV networks are insane. They’re crooked. So we need to get all the votes counted, to see what the real result is.”

    Or we could say: “This early call against 37 suggests more criminality. Other crimes. How can we rely on the vote count at all? How can we assume, even when the other votes are counted, we’re going to get a true result?”

    The second conclusion is the correct one. This is what I’ve been saying for the past several days.


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